Dash Cams Leading up to Black Friday & Christmas

So with the upcoming sales not far a way, I want to figure out which dash cam to get.

I understand they come in different functions from recording front, cabin or rear.

They also come with chargeble battery or car lighter socket power.

Looking for the most economical and reliable.

Prefer from major stores that offer easy refund.


  • what kind of dash cam you looking basic one just for the front?

    • Looking for front unless couple dollars more to add rear vision.

      • the blueskysea is $79 great cam no problem just put in your sd card and plug it in and it will work as i have this one pretty good.

        but if you want top notch go with this BLACKVUE DR900S-2CH

  • I'm also after a dash cam.
    Front and rear.
    Parking mode.
    Night time performance not important.
    To go into Honda CRV 2018.
    Budget <$250.

    • blueskysea is $79 but only offers front but if you want to front and back its pass your budget BLACKVUE DR900S-2CH

  • Viofo A119 is good for a single camera. A129 has dual camera and supports 256Gb SD cards. Check YouTube reviews.