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Sony KD43X8000G 43" X8000G 4K UHD Smart LED TV $636 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Good quality model for this size TV. I couldn't find many higher end TVs at 43 inches, which seems to be considered a small size these days.

This price is very good compared to other stores at the moment. Cheapest historical price I could find is $839 box damaged from Sony.

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    I have the KD-43X8000D, so several models older than this, and I have been using it as a desktop monitor for a few years. Great for casual gaming and entertainment (watching TV shows & movies). If this is a VA Panel like the older model, I highly recommend it as a desktop monitor, even the input latency is low enough for casual gaming. Because the blacks on it are much better than the IPS Panels in this price-range & size (shame there isn't a 43" OLED, as I would jump on it immediately). If it's an IPS panel, hey you get great viewing angles, but really if you're using it as a monitor, it's going to be in front of you directly, so colour degradation based on sharper angles isn't really an issue, and you'd prefer the darker blacks of the VA Panel. Which was the main reason I went with the 43" over the 49" model back in the day, as the 43" was a VA Panel, and the 49" was an IPS panel.

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      Good call. I'm using an X90F as a monitor and its great. I found I had to use a HDMI 2.0b cable to get the most out of it such as this one (only one of the HDMI ports in the TV can fully utilise it): https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/gtek-premium-certified-hd...


        Oh nice. What issues did you have before you got this cable though? I have a "premium certified" cable too, but doesn't say HDMI 2.0b. TV Runs at 4K 60Hz with the only issue being sometimes the TV would do that transparent pop-up at the top of the screen randomly where it says the "channel info" a few times a day. HDMI 2.0 bandwidth is 18Gbps, so don't think it'll make any difference going to 2.0b.

        Only HDMI 2.1 which just came out last year supports 48 Gbps, and not many TV's support it. You know what's amazing though, the LG C9 supports HDMI 2.1, and they just added a firmware update for the first top brand TV to support GSync too now. I wish LG OLED was being made in 43" (really surprised, especially now with GSync support, they're not focusing on the gamers who want it at this size between 40" and 43"), but 55" is the smallest size they have, and that's just way too big for a desktop screen when I am sitting 1.2 to 1.6 meters away (depending on whether I am gaming or watching content).


          The HDMI cables I was using might have been really old. Every time I turned it up from 1080p to 4k the screen would just flash on and off, struggling with it. Wasn't and option to use those old cables.

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      i've got the same model as you and use it as my main living room TV (small living room) and got the VA panel for same reason of it being deeper blacks. Just stuck my couch in front of the tv and not to the side. has gotten Oreo updates and hasn't skipped a beat since.

      Solid TV and unlike the cheap TCL / Hisense TV deals these days that claim to do HDR, Dolby Vision etc, the Sony actually has a 10-bit panel and Wide Colour Gamut to actually display HDR content properly not like the other brands. if one is not fussed about HDR, then get the other brands but know you're not actually getting it.

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      Wow spooky, I have the same model for the same use and same experience of loving it haha. I thought I overpaid at 1k when it started dropping in price 6months later but ive enjoyed every single minute of using it since.

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