Question re extras insurance benefits reset date

So I'm hoping someone has some personal experience with this, or can point to information from a health insurance PDS which clarifies this (any insurer).

Let's say your annual benefits roll over at the end of the calendar year.

When you make a claim, what determines which year the claim belongs to - is it the date of service, or the date of payment?

Hypothetically, if I saw a medical practitioner on the 31st of December and they were agreeable for me to pay some or all of the cost on the 1st of Jan, when I claim it does that count towards the previous year's limit or towards the new years limit?

Would it be different if the claim was done at the provide (i.e. if they have one of those machines that can be used to automatically claim and you pay the difference), vs. if you got the receipt and went to claim it with your insurer?


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    This 'might' help.
    Invoice date matters.
    Our children have/had braces. We paid dentist upfront (10pc discount), and they issue an invoice for a third of the total each calendar year to maximise Bupa refund.


      Interesting. Do you then give your invoice to BUPA to get the refund?


        yep (online claim, scan/photo needed)