Sony WH-1000XM3 Play without Noise Cancelling

I recently purchased these headphones after reading a lot of reviews. I like the noise cancelling function, however I would like to switch off noise cancelling at times, however I find that it is either noise cancelling or having ambient noise. Ambient noise is not natural, it picks up the ambient sound and pumps into your ears it feels extremely weird.

Is there a way that I turn noise cancelling off and not let ambient sound in, something like a normal headphone?


  • You use the Headphones Connect app to configure this! Download it on your phone & connect your headphones via Bluetooth, and then toggle the Ambient Sound Control altogether. Here's a screenshot of what to toggle.

    Unfortunately there isn't a way I know for it to persist between power cycles. If you're not using Google Assistant that much, you can change that button to toggle ANC instead (screenshot). Once set, you just have to press that button to turn off ANC once you power the headphones on.

    • Okay, did not realise that ambient sound control off, switched off ambient sound. Can confirm that the settings is not persistent, defaults to noise cancelling. Annoying but not too bad… Thanks