Cheapest place to buy Tim Tams in bulk in Sydney?

Travelling to India and need to buy in bulk. Any place where I can get them for wholesale price or at special price? Thanks


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    I think supermarkets Half price $1.87 with 5-10% discount gift card plus flybuys/woolworths rewards points is the cheapest.


      Or wait for Amazon to price match supermarkets
      = $1.82
      pay using 5% off amazon gift cards and use shoback/cashrewards for 7% cash back
      = ~$1.60 for a 200g pack of regular tim tams


    Amazon if you have Prime

    Woolworths has them from $3.60

    Same as coles - 2 for $5


    A friend works at the Arnotts factory and she buys bucketloads of biscuits. At least 30 packs of Arnotts biscuits every now and then. Perhaps give them a call and see if you can buy directly from their factory?

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    Really not going to get much cheaper than the 1/2 price sales in the supermarket, they buy them in 'bulk' at a sale that makes your eyes pop, so no other place is really going to come close.

    I mean 50% off is a good deal!

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    I worked at a large wholesaler who could not manage to get a wholesale price that was cheaper than Woolies/Coles half price specials.