What Is Your Electricity Rate after Solar installation?

Hi Guys,

I am in NSW with Origin.
installed Solar and removed my maximiser discount so I can get more out of feed in.
kindly advise what you are getting with Solar installed.

Peak Summer Usage 54.879 cents
Peak Winter Usage 54.879 cents
Off-Peak Usage 14.9270 cents
Shoulder Usage 24.62 cents
Controlled Load Off-Peak 16.32 cents
Supply Charge 100.26 cents

Total feed-in tariff 21c/kWh


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    What Is Your Electricity Rate after Solar installation?

    I still use the same amount of electricity as I did before installation

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    seriously, how and when did you get that rate.
    You're paying way too much.

    Below is the example of current offer from Origin for NSW
    Peak Usage = 28.58 c/kWh
    Supply Charge = 87.45 c/day
    FIT = 21 x/kWh

    • I only got that rate 2 days ago when I removed the discount of 26% on my Maximiser as I was getting 8 cents back for feed it.

      Do you have Solar?

      FIT = Feed in?

      Can you link the rates you are seeing please?

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      @bargain80 - Yours is a control load, not a time of use.

      @elektrikrevamp - Thats the best rate for the hit FIT, you can pay less but your FIT will decrease.

      I was with AGL and paid less but got 11 cents FIT, but after factoring in what I exported Origin overall gave me a lower bill.

      • Thanks StonedWizard.
        To confirm you have the same rates as I do for Peak usage etc?

      • @StonedWizard, that's not my rate. I live in QLD.

        Just look up the plan from Origin website for NSW state.
        That's the plan that's shown to me.

        I put a random address in the website and choose the solar option.
        This is another example: https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/offer/1021707?postcode=204…
        Peak/Off Peak/Shoulder = 29.53 c/kWh
        Supply Charge = 86.39 c/day
        FIT = 21 c/kWh

        • The link you have posted does not show FIT as 21c. It says between 8c and 21c

          • @ilsan0: Did you read the link?

            Origin offers 21 cents per kWh exported if your solar PV system is less than 10 kW capacity.

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        AGL solar saver
        21¢ feed-in tariff
        29¢ general use
        16¢ off peak
        90¢ supply charge

        • It’s not TOU

      • I'm the same boat at the moment.
        Just got solar 2 months ago.
        Have been with AGL for a while, rates are:
        22c from grid, 11c feed-in-tariff.

        Have option of moving to Origin for the high FIT - 21c, but the electricity grid rate goes up to 29c.
        Need to run some numbers to see if its worth it.

        Solar currently generates around 40kwh per day, and we hardly use anything in the day as we're all working, so the higher FIT is likely worth it.

        Distributor is Ausgrid - inner west Sydney

        I'd like to go to a Time Of Use rate, actually, but not available in my area it seems

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      Different parts of NSW are under different distributors, so have different pricing, and some only offer tou with solar installs.

      Can't just lump all Nsw into one example price.

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    55c per kwh!

    Paying double for your usage isn't offset by an extra 2c fit

    • Extra 2cents?

      It moved from 8c to 21c

    • Tou rates clearly different than fixed..so while the rates 55c/kWh during peak hours they are paying lower than standard rates during shoulder and off peak

      For those able to adjust their consumption times, and with decent solar fit, tou can be cheaper overall (despite the higher peak rate)

      • My standard rate is the same as ops shoulder, and with a controlled load rate at about half that. Fit of 16c. Pay on time discount 30% off those rates.

        • You have solar?

          • @ilsan0: Yes, as above, fit of 16c.

            • @brendanm: Please provide plan details

              • @ilsan0: What details would you like? Put your info into a spreadsheet with the plans in it and you quickly find out what works the best.

                • @brendanm: I can’t find any supplier for my address quoting rates what you have quoted. I can be on TOU only. Called AGL, they gave me the same rate as Origin.

        • and you are also
          - in the same distribution area
          - have the same feed in tariff
          - have the same metering allowing for the same billing options?

          if not, then its not really a fair comparison
          with a decent solar setup, a 21c feed in tariff easily offsets the higher peak rate for most users.
          For me, I pay zero for electricity currently for at least 8 mths a year (and hopefully the other 4 with credit earned from the other 8) and thats only for a 5kw setup

          • @SBOB: Nope not same distribution area, but bargain80 above is, with much better rates than op. I choose not to do tou as it works out more expensive.

            • @brendanm: I don’t have a choice. Have to go TOU

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                @ilsan0: Why do you have to do tou?

                A 2 second look at the energy Australia website for postcode 2000 gives flat rate usage of 25.3c per kWh, 78c supply charge and 12.5c fit. No tou. That's without even looking for better suited plans.

                • @brendanm: My meter was upgraded in June. I only have TOU option. I am in 2224

                  • @ilsan0: To my knowledge a smart meter doesn't mean you need to go with tou. It's just an option. You should probably call and ask.

                    Edit - literally from ausgrid themselves https://www.ausgrid.com.au/Your-energy-use/Meters/Time-of-us…

                    • @brendanm: Thanks. I will call and check tomorrow

                      • @ilsan0: your off peak rate is only slight cheaper than normal but your peak rate is twice more expensive.
                        you should consider change the plan unless you consume 80% of electricity during off peak.
                        That's just a rough estimate.

                        And there other plan that gives you same or higher FIT with cheaper rate

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    Moved from agl solar saver to their new solar saver today (slightly cheaper rates)

    Ausgrid area (Inc GST)
    Peak 54.36c/kWh
    Off-Peak 15.08c/kWh
    Shoulder 23.14c/kWh
    Feed in - 21c
    Daily supply charge: 103.40 cents/day

    I export more than I use so the higher feed in tariff makes sense as I pay nothing from like August to April and hopefully have enough credit to offset most of winter.

    Agl has better weekend for me as it's all off peak and not shoulder during the day ( whereas origin doesn't have peak during weekday mornings)

    These comparisons only work for those in the same supplier area due to the crazy price differences between areas

    • What postcode are you in, I cant find an AGL plan that has offpeak only on weekend. Mine says Offpeak AND shoulder.

      Or is this a "hidden" retain you type contract?

      Everything you state about you plan would be better for me than my existing Origin plan, especially now its 24 months and they are giving 21c feed in

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        you know what, my mistake

        definitely a mix of off-peak and shoulder on weekends
        peak 2pm - 8pm
        shoulder 7am-2pm
        shoulder 8pm-10pm
        offpeak 10pm-7am

        shoulder 7am-10pm
        offpeak 10pm-7am

        no idea where i got that idea from (must have been when looking at other areas offers or something)

        • ok, thank you, thought so but just wanted to be sure incase there was a deal i could get, you know the ozbargain way 😀

  • Spoke with Origin and they said as I have changed the meter due to Solar, I am only eligible for TOU rates.
    We export more than we use.

    Will monitor for a quarter and report back.
    Thanks all for your input.

    • as I have changed the meter due to Solar, I am only eligible for TOU rates.

      It's a very long story (google it) but you should be able to request a meter reconfiguration after 12 months from TOU to a single rate tariff. May involve a lot of dicking around on the phone but it can definitely be done.

  • it's a trap, I think once you switch to solar they would switch you to the higher rates.

    • Potentially. See what the bill says. We export more than we import

  • I'm with origin in NSW (essential energy). Just switched from powershop after adding a new 6kW to existing 1.25kW system. Our rates are 151c supply, 31c peak (single tariff) and 21c FiT. In a month we used to pay 200, now they pay us 100.

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    AGL Solar Savers TOU

    Postcode 2065

    20c FIT

    Peak 53.9 cents
    Off-Peak Usage 14.95 cents
    Shoulder Usage 22.95 cents

    Supply Charge 96 cents

    plus 10% GST

    less 11% Pay on time discount

    The high FIT offsets the high peak rate for our usage profile at that property.

    It was the best I could find at the time

    • less 11% Pay on time discount

      how did you score that on the solar saver. I cant see any pay on time discount for that

      • It was what was offered when I set it up for the GF in Oct 2018.

        It's immaterial as she's been in credit since getting solar.

      • are you sure its 11% POTD? It's more likely they are stating they are 11% below the Default Market Offer (government set rate)

  • I'm with Energy Australia. My smart meter gets installed tomorrow. They haven't changed me over to a TOU tarrif. My new rates are e very similar to what Brendanm said above ie. 25.3c per kWh, 78c supply charge, 12.5c fit 12c controlled load. At no stage did they say I have to go TOU use just because I have installed solar. I'm in an Ausgrid area.

    Put your details into WATTever. It showed all the plans available to me and which is better. Start with zero solar, and once it displays the plans, add the size of your solar system. Origin was the best, but I've stayed with EA until the dust settles and I see how the new system performs.

  • I will call Ausgrid today and confirm that I can only get TOU.
    I have tried Wattever, AGL and Origin.

    All of them told me I have TOU option only.

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      Here is the AGL link

      It might not apply but give it a try


      Just change you post code number at the end of the URL.

      It all depends on your use, I have a pool so running it with offpeak at night tends to make the TOU cheaper and we are used to TOU and can also use solar during the day (less need to use energy in peak.

      The AGL deal is good for 2 years where as the Origin is only good for 1 year. With 21c FIT I am making money almost every quarter (last cost me $4) wheras previously I still had a payment each quarter (other than summer) when the FIT was 12c. In fact 4 years of 21c FIT = Install fully paid for. (far better return than the $6000 sitting in the bank)

      AGL also give a $75 sign on bonus. (Rang Origin they wont match 2 years or the $75 sign on)

      • Cheers mate, I will give it a go. Travelling for work presently

    • I bet they'd change their tune if you installed a big battery bank, charged it off peak, and then fed it back into the grid.

      What a scam in the name of "making power more affordable". Yep, sure is more affordable for people to be charged double when they are most likely to be using electricity.

      • considering a big battery bank will take years to pay off, i doubt if they are that concerned. plus the more you charge and discharge the battery the less the life of the battery, and for 5c a kwh is it worth wearing out your expensive batteries

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          I was being facetious. However there are plenty of ways to build a battery bank for a reasonable price. Also if you make the charge and discharge limits more conservative you can get excellent life out of lifepo batteries.

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