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Cadbury Flake Dark Chocolate Bars 30g $1 (Was $2) @ Coles


Part of the 1/2 price specials on Cadbury Medium Bars 30g-60g in this week's catalogue.

A flake fan but have not seen the 'dark' version in-store previously - anyone know whether this is new ??

And not showing on Cadbury's website which adds to the intrigue.

Added to the weekly grocery shop list for tomorrow. In the meantime, if anyone here has tried it, your review would be much appreciated!

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    Intriguing indeed.

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    Was at Coles (Hurstville, NSW) tonight looking for these and nothing in store.

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      Nooo … strongly dislike when grocery shop list item is out-of-stock :(

      Edit: showing as 'temporarily unavailable' online

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    I wouldn't think a review is necessary considering it's just normal (dark) chocolate; the only twist is the flake giving it that satisfying texture.

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      What is 'normal' dark chocolate?

      The percentage of cocoa affects the flavour and bitterness hence request for review

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        Whatever percentage it is it's gonna be the same as buying a block of that percentage, yeah? Just a different texture. So nothing really new but if you have been dying for dark chocolate in a flake format then fair enough.

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    No other website does it to you like ozbargain does..

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    Keen as to try this one… ☺


    There were only 2 bars remaining of the only box of 'special edition' Cadbury dark chocolate flake at my local Coles last night 😯 alongside 3 full boxes of the milk chocolate version!

    Review: Tasting was conducted this morning & it went really well paired with an espresso. Dark choc contains 39% cocoa solids & flavour is actually preferred over the sweeter milk choc variety.

    IMO Cadbury should make like Lindt & have the dark choc flake available all the time.

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