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Expedia 13% Cashback on Hotels @ ShopBack


Not bad if you're planning for holidays.
Not sure when it's going to expire, but usually at mid-night.

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    Some hotel reservation paid at hotels. I wonder if Cashback will be applied or the "paid" date already falls out of the promotion period ?


    Does it stack with mastercard discount code?


    Do you need to install the Expedia app if doing through mobile?

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    Probably better to just use the Mastercard 11% discount code and get the discount immediately…

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    Becareful using affiliate links with travel sites like this. With Trivago, i found it way cheaper if you went through Tripadvisor compared to cashrewards or shopback or using some spammy promo code.


      That is true

    • +1 vote

      Just want to clarify, do you mean it's better to
      a) use Trivago; or
      b) use Tripadvisor?
      as I don't think I have used the 2 of them together…

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        For my last hotel booking, I found the cheapest rates using Google Maps (of all the comparison sites!) Then figured out which of those top 3 had cashback offers.

        Then, having selected Expedia as the best rate via ShopBack, I used ShopBack's website to go to Expedia to make the booking, which ensured I got the cashback allocated properly.


        Go to TripAdvisor, select dates and hotel and click through to Trivago. If you go to Trivago directly the price will be higher.

        You know you will be getting the best price when you do the former because they wont allow you to enter any promo codes.


    Thanks OP. Booked with them, still waiting for the Shopback's confirmation email on the cashback. Hopefully it does not take long.


      Hi there, did your sale track? I’m still waiting for my confirmation email, never had a problem with tracking before so typical I have one when I’ve spent a heap…!