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Orico USB 3.0 SSD Enclosure - 2 for $12, Baseus QC3 USB-C Charging Cable - 2 for $12 + Del ($0 w/eBay Plus) @ Apus Express eBay


Apus Express 2for1 Promo Stacks with PSLEIGH eBay code, Add 2 to your cart, Discount shows at Checkout.

Orico USB 3.0 SSD Enclosure 2 for $12

Baseus QC3.0 USB Type-C Smart Cable 2 for $12

10W Wireless Charger Stand 2 for $15 (Black / White)

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  • How many of these do I need :D

  • $14.95 postage for a cable. Yeah, nah. Don't @me about ebay+.

  • Just bought the white version of the wireless chargers. Bought the black ones last time. I have an iPhone XS Max with a magnet holder plate at the back and a reasonably thick case on top. Haven't missed a beat yet. So far so good.

  • I have the orico ssd case and to he honest its a bit flimsy and doubit it would survive a short drop to the ground. Considering i have a 1tb samsund ssd in it in hindsight should have paid a bit extra for a better case.

    • The ironic thing is the plastic shell box package it came in looked more sturdy than the clear usb case itself!

      Be that as it may I put in some old 500gb-1tb hdds I pulled out of client laptops I was upgrading to ssds and they work fine.

      For SSDs I wouldnt worry about strength as they are drop proof but normal HDDs? Be careful…. not for the hdd itself which is worthless but the data onboard!

      • These ones don't not come with any cardboard or plastic box packaging (just some bubble warp). Bought 2 recently.

        • The earlier ones did. I think their later batch is different.

          • @elusive: Yeah, I did buy one with plastic box, it was $9. I don't want that plastic packaging case for $3. I compared the actual chipset and the enclosure - same.

            • @netsurfer: I mean I bought the 2 for $12 twice. First time, before they sold out, came with boxes. Second time did not. They used a smaller envelope the second time so presumably they're saving on shipping.

      • I would stay away from Orico. Their hdd base fried a 4TB NAS drive years ago. The only good news is that it was only the fuse so I could migrate the data, but the drive was retired since then… So don't save a penny on those small stuffs and cost you hundreds of dollars…
        And yes, the data maybe more precious…

  • Thanks

  • The most recent ones I bought came with JMS578 chipset, which technically supports TRIM over USB. However, I haven't had the time to verify it yet (so don't assume TRIM works). It is better than some of the earlier batches I bought previously from various sellers (which used chipsets that don't support TRIM over USB). Therefore, don't assume you will get ones with JMS578 chipset.

  • I got one of these from the last deal and it stopped working after a couple uses.

  • I have 4 of these and they're excellent.
    Decent speeds and no random disconnections.
    Surface of the plastic is susceptible to scratches though.

  • Great, can mix and match cable with enclosure, one of each and still $12

  • does any USB c work for Nintendo switch?

  • I just realised I already ordered 4 Baseus cables from the previous eBay deal 😂
    Oh well

  • Decent cases, good transfer speeds. Been using a clear one for backups recently and an older black one with my Xbox for years, hasn't skipped a beat.

  • Model ORICO 2139C3 USB3.1 Type C is much faster in my speed tests.

  • I got two of the Enclosures and having one for myself and one for a friend.

    Giving an external SSD a go. Got the $60 Gigabyte 480GB SSD in [this deal]{https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/493393}.

    I'm just running Crystal Disk Mark 5 now and will attach a photo. I still think I'm limited by the average SSD.

    SSD with Enclosure

    SSD Connected via Sata 3

    For sequential speed testing in the real world (Detective Pickachu rip from my Blu Ray as a mkv) copying from a 970 Evo Plus to alleviate any bottlenecks.

    1:19.20 - Sata 3
    1:31.34 - Orico USB Enclosure

  • Awesome sale. Picked up two of the remote control dump trucks for 13.95 shipped for the kids xmas

  • 2 cable are costing $24 . but I got the case to work for 2 for $12

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