Genuine Leather Men's Dress Shoes - US $28.70 (~AU $41.72) Delivered @ Wholesale Win


Large and Small Size Genuine (Real) Leather Men's Dress Shoes at
Original Price US $35.88. Cuts and Extra 20% Discount, You Can Save US $7.18.
Upper Material: Genuine Leather.
Color: Black. Brown. Blue. Khaki.
US Size: 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.
Season: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter.
Free Shipping in Australia, US and Europe.

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    On the website "Season: Spring/Autumn/Winter" By the time these get to you from China you probably won't be able to wear them! :P

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    i am intrigued but hesitant.

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    Just a reminder that "Genuine Leather" does not simply mean real leather, it means it's the lowest quality leather that's been glued together and then textured and painted to look like leather. Mince patty painted to look like a steak.

    That said, you won't find good leather shoes at $40 so this is still cheap. Just don't expect it to last or age nicely.

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      Actually, the main issue is that different countries have different standards/laws on what is allowed to be called "leather".

      As far as I know, in Australia, if it doesn't come from an animal, you cannot call it leather. In China, you can.


        Some part of it does come from an animal.

        In Australia you can get "bonded leather" or "PU leather" items, and those are going to have some leather in them, but it'll be mostly fabric, plastic, paint, and glue. 80-90% not-leather.


    Are these Made In China?


    Thanks OP, if anyone see more causal business shoes, please post it here, thanks