Cheap Eye Test in Melbourne

Hello fellas,

Want to do my eye checkup, any suggestions for free or reasonable price eye tests in Melbourne?
Specsavers charging $72. (I have not opted for optometrist services with my insurance).

Kind Regards


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    Eye tests are usually covered by Medicare every two years.

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    I'm guessing it will be less for just one eye…

    Cue the Pirate jokes.


    Bulk Bill it


    lol you only get 1 set of eyes - so go for the cheapest……..

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    Im guessing you do not have medicare? In that case about $70 is what most places will charge-its medicare's recommended fee.

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    Do you think you'll need glasses? And if so will you buy from the place you are getting your eyes tested?

    If yes then ask if they'll not charge your for the eye test if you buy glasses from them. My guess is they'll give you an appointment when they are usually low on customers as the optom is a sunk cost already, if they're not seeing patients they're usually not up to too much.

    This approach will likely work best in a not too busy Specsavers as the owner of the store will likely be working in there and want the $$$.



      My uncle broke his glasses when he was travelling around Aus from O/S. We happened to be near a Bailey Nelson store at the time and the first sales assistant asked whether he could get his last prescription emailed across whilst the other SA said that if it has been a while since my uncle last had his eyes tested, they were prepared to waive the charge for the eye test if he purchased a pair of glasses.