Bose Revolve Plus - Is It Any Good?

I had a little Bose speaker which I loved but my hubby says it does t work anymore. The Bose Resolve Plus is almost $400 but I can get it off the Ebay 20% sale from Video Pro for $316. Are they worth the money or is there something better? We kind of like moving it around the house and taking out to the bbq and pool.


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    In my personal experience with Bose: Their products stop working a few months after the warranty expires and then they become impossible to deal with.


    ive had mine for nearly 2 years, love it. Amazing sound for the size. Got it for $307 with the charging cradle back then when the AMEX deal was on for Harvey Norman.

    If you're using it for pool, bbq etc it's great because its got an IPX4 rating. It'll survive getting splashed. It's also loud and clear enough to power a small party tbh