NBA League Pass Need Help Signing up via VPN

Hi All,

I have been trying to sign up to NBA League pass for days now via VPN. I'm using Hola and logging in via Argentina.

Whenever I go to process the transaction it gives me this error

*** PLEASE NOTE *** There was an error processing payment using the payment option you supplied. If paying by PayPal, please try again at a later time. If paying by credit card, please check that the billing address you entered matches the address on your credit card account or use a different credit card and try again. If you need further help with your purchase, please contact customer support.

So I go onto NBA chat support and they tell me it is a problem with my bank. I ask them if there is any way that I can pay via Paypal and they tell me no, because there is a free trial on offer I can only pay by CC.

I then check with my bank who use Mastercard and they confirm that there is 'monitoring' on the website due to some fraudulent transactions. It's FFS!

So then I just tried another card which was Visa and got the same issue. I believe it could be linked to the fact I'm using VPN (possibly they can see if the CC has an address in the same country I'm going through via VPN). But now I'm left with no way to watch league pass but possibly pay the rip off $299 they charge us for privilege of being in Australia.

Other people don't seem to be having this same issue as I checked on a previous Ozbargain thread and they found a way to pay via Paypal, but that option isn't showing for me.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm missing the NBA and following my fantasy players!

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    This might help until you get your subscription sorted:


    NBA probably get heaps of fraud.

    An other option is Kayo. They are doing NBA but not to the scale of the league pass.

    My argentina league pass was happily renewed a month ago.

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    Don’t use a free VPN


      Yeah that could be it. I used a trial of Nordvpn and it worked.


        I just tried Nord VPN via trial on my phone. Got to the same screen where it asks me to purchase via argentine pesos but gives me the same error. I'm honestly at a loss - how can I be the only person to have this problem?


          I'm in the exact same boat as you. None of my cards are working at the sign up process either giving invalid card/address error/or I go to step 3 but it's a blank page.
          I've tried a couple different VPN programs and even signed up to 1 month of NordVPN but both South Africa and Argentina locations don't work for me (the card error).
          I tried creating a new account also so it's all fresh, and I've tried 4 different cards.. I'm at a loss and it's really depressing :(


    Thanks for the suggestions so far. I will check with Nord VPN that they can refund me if it doesn't work and will try the NBA site and report back.


    Could also try Mexico and see if you can sign up there


    SBS On-demand also I see has NBA streaming live.

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    See this comment for payment with PayPal;


      Corza - you sir, or maam, are a deadset legend. That worked easy.

      The league pass customer service and tech team are absolute idiots.

      Picked it up for U.S 49.99 via South African VPN.

      Absolute champion you have saved my sanity!

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