[OzBargain 13th Birthday] Hobart CBD Meetup - 21 Nov 2019 (suggested/tentative date)

Hello everybody,

I was wondering whether there is any interest for a birthday meetup in Hobart CBD (somewhere around the library/Elizabeth Street/Liverpool Street).
I thought maybe either a casual meetup with pizza and drinks or alternatively somewhere in a pub with pub food (whatever is available, and depending on number of people and budget).

If there is enough interest I would be happy to organise something.

Date is not set in stone either but I thought a weekday is better than a weekend (unless we do a single meet at the same time).

But before I can do anything I need to know if there is any interest.

Have a great night everyone.



    Make it a Friday/weekend and I'll be down


    I'm interested if we can round up the numbers.


    Well, so far including you two we have three if done on Friday/weekend which would be fine with me.
    Not sure if too many people see this post or are interested.
    Maybe I should post it as a deal:

    [TAS] FREE - Food, Drink, Friendly Conversation in Hobart CBD - Ozbargain

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