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I am not very tech savvy so please don't judge.
I am on a NBN FTTP 50mbps plan and only get about 20 through Wi-Fi. When I connect a data cable from the modem to my PC I get about 45mbps. Probably a dumb question but do I need a new modem and how much should I expect to pay for a new one to get 45mbps?
Thanks in advance.



    What is your current router or modem model number? It could be an easy fix of just changing the wifi channel. Or the device doesn't support the new wifi standards as it may be old.


    Are you using the provided ISP router/modem? or an old one which may be the problem ?


    The Huawei HG659 looks decent as it can support 300Mbps on 2.4G. Are you getting 20Mbps on all devices connected using Wifi? If you haven't tried it, do a speedtest on multiple devices (smartphone, laptop etc). If it is 20Mbps across all devices, try Huawei's slow Wifi troubleshooting guide. Try using 5Ghz to see if it helps or even change the channel.


    slow wifi speed can cause by many external factors - range / channel / interference / your PC wifi receiver
    but a good wifi router is a good start whilst doesn't guarantee you 45Mbps

    HG659 wifi isn't a good one to begin with , maybe try asus AC68U


    What speed do you get on WiFi if you stand right next to your modem?

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    20mbps over what kind of distance? And on what device?


      about 2 meters and on an iPad, iPhone and windows pc.


        Assuming unobstructed 2 metres, 20mbps is unbelievably bad. Any wifi router should easily do better than that regardless of frequency used. The easiest solution for you is have a techy friend check out the Huawei, otherwise buy a new wifi router. The Asus RT-AC68U is a good recommendation search for it on OZB so you get an idea of its prices. If you are willing to spend more and/or have a big area to cover the TPLink Archer C3150 version 2 or newer is good value at about $200 on eBay.


    What does the PC say about the Wi-Fi protocol speed it is connected to, and on which frequency band (2.4 or 5 GHz)?

    Can you test the transfer speed between a wireless device and a wired device on your local network?


      I will try and check on the protocol speed but the transfer speed between a wired and wireless device is 45 on a wired and 20 on a wireless device.


        You were testing the wrong speed. This is what you need to know to isolate the problem. At the moment it is impossible to tell if the problem lies within the router section or within Wi-Fi.

        Wireless device— Huawei — Wired device
        (What is the transfer speed?)

        Not these:

        Wireless device— Huawei — Internet
        (Your result 20 Mbps)

        Wired device — Huawei — Internet
        (Your result 45 Mbps)


          I'm not tech savvy so I don't even know how to do that. Sorry.

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            @David76: No need to say sorry mate. I am sorry I cannot offer more help given the limited amount of diagnostics you are able to perform. You should try asking somebody local to you.

            Without isolating the problem, buying a new router may or may not help resolve the slow Wi-Fi transfer speed. If the problem is channel congestion then the solution is to switch channel. If the problem is protocol mismatch then the solution is to check the configuration of the radios and maybe upgrade the radio on the client side. If the problem is an underpowered router then the solution is to buy a better one.

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