Join eBay Plus Get $50 Gift Card Deal - They Overcharged Me $9

Has anyone else had this happen?

I got the email offering a $50 credit for Ebay AU for joining Plus. When I clicked the link, it offered the first year at $39.99 however, when I checked my receipt, they'd charged me $9 more.

I've put in a dispute, but wondered if others have had this happen, too?

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    Doesn't display $39 anywhere. eBay Plus page has $49 written all over it. Good luck trying to dispute for something you must have misread.

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    it has always been $49 lol

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    When I click on take up offer here it says "To join eBay Plus, you need to provide a payment method. eBay Plus normally costs AU $49.00 per year, but by joining now, you'll pay just AU $39.00 for your first year. Your membership will be automatically renewed each year, unless you've cancelled it."

    Good luck

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    The real question is why you would buy eBay plus…


    They probably only offer one promotion at a time. I clicked on a $39 link and they then refused me a free trial first, they said take the $39 or nothing

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    I got the promotion too and signed up. The banners all state "pay $49" on mine and if you check the Terms and Conditions page, it states that "6. Standard eBay Plus membership fees of $49 per annum will apply from the time of sign up." With the gift card, they're paying you $1 to join so it's still a good deal if you were going to buy from eBay anyway.

    Good luck with your dispute.


      I agree with u. I was offered $39 to join but with this promotion, I saved $40 ie $39 joining fee and $1.00 difference between the $49 paid and $50 gift voucher


    I got the same promo but email mentioned as $49


    As I originally stated, I clicked through THEIR email link to purchase Ebay Plus. It brought me to the purchase page @ $39.99. I don't quite understand why some here would assume I'd read it wrong, so here's the screenshot.

    Lastly, For those wondering, I'm in WA and we pay much more for shipping on a lot of items. I usually purchase weighty items so Plus is an advantage for me. With this deal, I'm essentially getting Plus + $50 credit (already received that, btw) and once dispute is settled, should be ahead cost-wise. Worst case is I break even.


    I have same offer.

    Join and pay $39 get $50 gift card

    Not sure yet what they have charged me I'll see soon.


    well I got charged for a intl transaction fee on the $48.99 ebay plus fee


      Yeah me too

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    Hi all,

    I got my $9 back.

    "We reviewed the information regarding the below case and have accepted it.

    We credited the full disputed transaction amount of $9.00 AUD to your PayPal balance or payment method you used to complete this transaction. The credit should reflect in your PayPal balance within 5 business days. If you paid using a card, the money will be refunded to your card. It can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your card statement, depending on your card issuer's timeframes."


      Oh nice to hear.

      I got over charged to so I'll put in a dispute with PP and see what happens

      Good news on yours tho.