Office PC selection


I'm looking for a work PC that will be used for the following:

Web multi-tab browsing up to 6-8 tabs simultaneously
Word processing
Multiple users logged in, up to 4 at a time
Very occasional spreadsheet work and basic photo processing
We are currently using a Dell laptop with 8GB RAM, Windows 10, an AMD A6-9200 processor, and a mechanical hard drive. This computer is and has always been very slow performance-wise (e.g., even loading pdfs takes considerable time).

I am looking to update to something like this:
Would something like this be appropriate? or perhaps something like this?

Our budget is $500.

We would like the unit to be fairly future-proof.


  • future-proof.

    Lol you can't say that about a $500 PC, just look at your laptop as an example, that's not future-proof is it?

  • You're still on spinning rust for a boot drive?? No wonder it's slow. A cheap $40 SSD upgrade will do you wonders, and it'll feel like a brand new PC.

    If you're set on an upgrade though, any refurb 9010/9020 with an SSD will do just fine for officework, BUT you also have to budget for monitors/KB/mouse/wifi adapter etc.

    I've got mine powering two monitors and 20+ tabs and it's never felt sluggish simply due to the SSD.

    • Thanks for your response.

      Replacing the mechanical drive is a good suggestion however it is a laptop and it would be cheaper for the business to just purchase a new computer compared to having me go into the effort of pulling this unit apart.

      We have a monitor and other peripherals sitting around, so should be fine other than the wifi adapter.

      • SSD upgrades are ridiculously easy and fast - I can just about have a new PC ready to use in under half an hour including drivers/office/Chrome etc - but I DO have a Win10 USB installer always on hand, so that might make a difference if you're not quite so prepared as I lol

        You mightn't need a wifi adapter either if you're sticking the new PC on a desk near your router - any cheap and cheerful ethernet cable will suit - but wifi certainly does win for convenience once you're a few metres away.

        • SSD upgrades on a desktop or laptop? Last time I did an SSD upgrade was a decade ago and I remember the process of pulling the laptop apart to be lengthy!

          The PC will be in an office whereas the router is in the hallway, so wifi does win out here.

    • SSD on AMD A6-9200 still be slow, rather buy Dell $200+ (Intel Core i5-4590) as above, at least twice faster.

  • Multiple users at a time? What OS are you talking about for the new machine because AFAIK Windows PC editions only allow single user sessions, Server editions allow multiple concurrent sessions.
    Also looks like you were using AMD, stop that if you want future proofing.

    • Given the description I'd suggest non-simultaneous, and they're just jumping on to their own accounts and taking turns when they need to use the PC.