AirPods Pro--The "off" Mode on Android

Hey guys
Bought the airpods pro on the weekend but having trouble figuring out how to turn on the "off" mode i.e.neither anc nor transparency.

I can see on ios there's the off option which is the normal mode. Right now if I put it on transparency in the gym I can barely hear my music.

Does anyone how this works on android!? Thanks


  • Press and hold: Hold to switch between noise cancellation and Transparency mode.

    Press the stem, it works as per normal.

    • Huh? But I don't want to go into those 2 modes…

  • From a quick read here it seems you can set the left and right to different actions from an ios device. ie set one to transparency, the other to simple turn off.
    I think that setting then remains, even on android. (like the originals)

    btw how are the pros with an android device?

    • "If you'd like to add the third option to turn off both noise cancelling and transparency mode with a long press, go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone and pressing the encircled ā€œiā€ next to the listing for your AirPods Pro"

      Damn.. Looks like android is missing out on the 3rd option :/

      I find the airpods pro music volume is a bit soft. I'm planning to pop by apple store to check it out this weekend. Other than this, it's great.


      • Borrow a friends iphone, set it up there, and reconnect to android. Might work.

    • for me pros have been good on android, an app like airbattery or assistant trigger helps add back the battery status and in ear detection for a couple of dollars. However, max volume is lower compared to what it is on apple's own devices (tested on both oneplus 6t and galaxy s7, seemed a little better on pixel 2). Not sure if this a software problem. Similar problems with original airpods were easily resolved, but the same stuff isnt working in this case.
      Other than that the experience is pretty awesome!

  • +1

    Can confirm that using an iphone to set up the press and hold action to cycle between all 3 modes instead of just anc and transparency allows for switching using this gesture on android. Maybe you can borrow a friend's iphone to do this?

    I will say though that the media volume is significantly lower on my android (Oneplus 6t) as compared to my friends iphone, maybe about 75% of max. It would be a shame if I have to return them because of this, in all other respects they are awesome!

    • +1

      Awesome thank you. So whatever u set up using iPhone will be memorised when moved to android?

      Yes omg I thought I'm the only one. The volume really sucks :/

  • Setup in iOS then use in Android as normal. I had ANC/Transparency on one and ANC/Off on the other.

    If your Android supports Bluetooth 5.0, make sure you have Media Volume Sync on, you can find it in Bluetooth Advance settings

  • Mine are just as loud on my z flip3 as my iPhone 13 pm. Ps mine have two modes but will try setting three choices on iPhone which seems to be within the headphone itself.

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