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Epic Games - Creator Appreciation Event ($10 USD Store Credit with $15 USD Spend)


Pretty self explanatory.

  1. Purchase a game worth at least $14.99 USD (~$22 AUD)
  2. Enter a creator tag at checkout (If you're not worried about who you support, I found this random list of Dauntless creators through Google - I'm not affiliated, mods please remove this if it's not ok to post links like this)
  3. Get $10 USD (~$14.50 AUD) credit for your next purchase

"During Creator Appreciation event we wanted to highlight Creators that spend countless hours making us laugh, helping us learn and entertaining us while playing the games we’ve grown to love. When you enter a Creator’s Tag at checkout on eligible game purchases of $14.99 or more (or local currency equivalent) you’ll receive one $10 Epic Coupon that will be applied on your next purchase in the store."

Credit must be used by 30 April 2020.

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    Your $10 Epic Coupon will be automatically applied at checkout on your next Epic Game Store purchase of any qualifying game priced at $14.99 and above.

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    It seems funny to say but I wish game developers could swing it so game 'stores' worked more like 'Ultraviolet' did for DVD's/Blurays ie buy once then play wherever (steam, epic, gog, ubisoft, origin etc) just create an account on one then link / sync your libraries… dreamin.

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    There are quite a few games at the $14.99 USD minimum needed to get this deal:

    7 Billion Humans
    Alan Wake
    Human Resource Machine
    Kingdom New Lands
    Little Inferno
    Shadow Complex Remastered
    Super Meat Boy
    The End is Nigh
    The Walking Dead (four different ones)
    World of Goo

    Journey looks awesome… anyone got an opinion on that one?

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