Looking for a Credit Card with Free Lounge Access in Singapore

Hi, I am looking for a credit card with free lounge pass for Singapore airport.

Do they exist?




    are you after a fee free credit card as well? Unless you have a free for Life Citibank Signature card offered a few years back, I don't think there is any out there at the moment.

    another possibilities is to have a mortgage bundled credit card. some offers 2 free priority pass visits.

    The cheapest credit card purely for Lounge visit is probably the diners club card.


      Doesn’t have to be free as long as yearly fees are not huge. I travel to Singapore three times a year so I am thinking about getting in there


    Probably easier for you to get a priority pass


      or just pay as you go if OP is only after occasional access


      What is a priority pass?


        It's basically a pass that gives you lounge access to lounges world wide. you pay an annual fee for the pass.

        You mentioned you fly to Singapore 3 times a year. Do you fly alone or with family? Also, which airline do you usually fly with? I just want to see if there's any opportunity to maximise your flying status for lounge access.


          Always with family. We normally go with scoot.

          We stop at Changi airport a lot and sometimes transit time is 14+ hours which is hard with young child


            @house2015: Lots of facilities in Changi to keep one entertained or to rest. There's designated rest/ sleep area, play area for kids, game area, free cinema, etc.

            For longer transit, you can go through immigration and there's even more to do in the terminal complex as well as the neighbouring suburbs (unless it's overnight of cos).

            For overnight transit, you can op for a short stay at a transit hotel if you don't like the idea of sleeping in the public rest/ sleep area.


              @Love a bargain: Wow! Thanks for the info. I never knew there is a designated rest/sleep area, is it open to the public? Do i need to book it or something?


                @house2015: No booking required. You don't get any personal space per se. From memory, they're quiet corners/ rooms with comfortable chairs (maybe loungers etc).

                I once had a good few hours to kill in the restricted area (travelling with someone who's flying off to a different destination a few hours before my flight so I decided to send them off at their gate). I grabbed a map of the terminals (https://www.changiairport.com/en/maps.html) and did a tour of the restricted area in all 3 or 4 terminal buildings that existed at the time. Plenty of interesting things to see (gardens, butterflies, etc).

                Anyway, for a typical long transit of a few hours or more, go through immigration and there're a lot more to see (including that new "waterfall" in the Jewel), do, eat, buy. Longer transits, go into the city or surrounding suburbs. There are free city tours for transit passengers. There is even a water park not too far from the airport if your kids need something active to do in between flights.


            @house2015: If you're transiting for 14 hours + , it's probably more worthwhile to get a transit hotel rather than lounge access.

            Anyway if you take SQ return (assuming your transit plane is SQ as well) x 3-4 per year + wife + kid, with VA family pooling, you'll probably reach Gold status with VA which will give you unlimited lounge access when you fly with VA and their partners (SQ, Etihad etc)

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