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MyProtein 51% off Site Wide OzBargain Exclusive. Free Gift + Free Shipping with $150+ Spend


MyProtein saw their Click Frenzy deal got posted on OzBargain, felt that they could do a little bit better, and emailed me an OzBargain exclusive offer. Use coupon code OZB51 to get 51% off site wide. There are also free gifts when you spend $150 or $200.

Free postage when you spend $150 or more. $9.99 postage for orders over $100.

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Referee gets 33% off discount 1st order ($75 minimum spend), and referrer gets $40 credit.

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  • $50 per kilo for WPI?? Tell him he's dreamin'

    • The real deals are when you buy in bulk though.
      5kg of WPI for $100 isn’t bad. If you can get it to $150 to $200, the free shipping and gifts will top it off.
      I bought yesterday and when you have 10% off with Shopback, it’s even cheaper, if the shopback code for 10% off is still valid

  • Can anyone kindly confirm if their whey products are any good in taste and if they mix well in water without forming lumps? I have only used ON, and Kaged Muscle in the past without any complaints.

    • Cant compare ON to myprotein.

      Its quiet similar to local brands like Bulk Nutrients and Venom Protein.

      Lots of different flavours though.

    • Chocolate brownie an chocolate caramel are pretty good.
      No lumps as well

      • Chocolate brownie is the most disgusting flavour I’ve tasted in my life. I bought 5 kilos of it and used to cry everytime I had to drink it.

        Chocolate smooth all the way

      • We have tried lots of flavours, they are nice, very sweet though. We use them mainly in baking, but occasionally in shakes, we do have a bit of trouble with lumps. We like the chocolate brownie flavour!

        • How do you use them in baking? I tried protein powders with baking bread and it never worked well, made the bread collapse or not rise much

    • Mixes fine. Tastes about as good as any other whey. They have tons of options, which helps.

  • Shipping is $19.99 for less than $100 purchase. Any code for free shipping?

  • Ouch. Just when I ordered a big haul from that last deal. GAH!


    Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances you may receive the Impact Whey Protein Milk Tea and Hokkaido Milk Flavour in our standard Impact Whey Protein packaging without the flavour sticker on the pouch. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, please be assured that there will be no changes in the quality and taste of the product.

    Yeah no thanks. They've had this issue for some time.

    • Sounds a bit dodgy like they are trying to bypass customs (maybe an ingredient not allowed in Australia )

      • … or it's just not worth the hassle to print up new bags

        • Ordering last year or earlier this year they had the new bags. Then at some point this year they put up the warnings so I think something went wrong.

          • @knobbs: Whenever they were giving samples of this away (I think late last year?) I got one of the new bags, even though they had this warning.

            Why you would care is beyond me.

            Also it's horribly sweet and I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

  • I've used them for the past 4 years. Great products, especially the vegan stuff. Their pre workout is by far the best I've tried.

  • Don't rely on the free gifts over $x spend. Couple of orders through them, and both times no freebies.

    • Strange as I have ordered a few times over the last year and had the freebies included even a couple of extra sample sachets a couple of times.

  • Excellent deal. Just stocked up on some unflavoured collagen protein, which I can highly recommend. Can't comment on flavours but if flavours are important to you I suggest you stick with the crap brands like ON Gold Standard.

    • The flavoured Collagen Protein is good. Well, strawberry and vanilla. Havent tried choc.

      Just ordered 8kg:)

    • If the collagen is not hydrolyzed, your wasting your money.

      Collagen can't survive the acidic ph in our stomach

      Also good to know what animals they are extracting the collagen proteins from

  • Phew, that was close. Was in the process of ordering, thanks Scotty.

  • Thanks for beaming us up Scotty.

    Went for a run last night…. It's onto the meal replacement shakes I go.

    Have ordered off these guys in the past. Good prices with their specials and fast shipping from the UK.

  • I'm pretty sure the gift does not stack either, so if you order over $200 you'll only get the standard 2 gifts.

  • lols, literally just bought 1KG of WPI from AminoZ $42 delivered.

  • Damn just placed an order for 50% off last night :(

  • Will this offer return again?
    I am interested to buy.