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[NSW] Free Entry - Sydney Tea Expo (Thu 21 - Sun 24 Nov) @ Eventbrite


Main Website: https://www.chineseculturalfestival.com.au/tea-expo/

Just saw this advertised on social media as a free event.
Have never heard of / been to it so not sure if they ever charged for tickets.

Where: Tea Pavilion, Hall 3, ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

Date: Thu 21st – Sun 24th Nov 2019
Time: 10am – 6pm

The largest Chinese tea expo hosted overseas after the 1st China International import Expo

You can spend a full day tasting all sorts of teas from over a hundred exhibitors.

You’ll find all manner of tea-related forums, ceremonies, performances, workshops and tastings at this four-day event which will extend your tea appreciation of the finest brew.

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    FREE TEA , need i say more?


    Anyone been before?

    Tempted to go for free take home samples.


      I went last year. Don't remember getting any samples to take home.

      Plenty of free tea to drink there on the day though.

      There were a few local businesses, but most of the exhibitors had come from China.

      Usually the way these work is you can sample all the tea for free there, and you have the option to buy stuff you like.


      No samples. In the promotional material they say you can get this sample pack, but I was there on the first day at 10AM and didn't get it. I think it's a joke. There is also an option to pay for a ticket on the day. Maybe that's how you get that sample pack.

      Well, you do get some sampling trials of what is available. But no takeaway samples. Maybe you might decide to do a bulk order and open your own tea shop after sampling something. Either way, most of the time they will say you need taobao or wechat to buy.

      Some caution about the teas, if it tastes too sweet. It might be because of the lead levels.

      So, do make note of what the teas should taste like.


    Thanks, so no need to get any tickets?


      There is a link at the bottom of the link to register for free ticket and apparently free teacup as well.


        Yeah, you only get a free tea cup. That's about it.

        You do need to speak Mandarin, otherwise you'll have a hard time with most of the stalls. There are a few volunteers that walk around, but it's going to be hard at times to get someone to help.

        You can also buy tea on the spot when you get there. Remember to bring cash though, because most of the stalls don't have an EFTPOS terminal.


    In terms of whether this is a business or consumer event. It's more geared towards business. Some stalls may be reluctant to let you try their most expensive teas. Flash some cash and they bend over and open their most expensive teas. This is good if you were going to buy anyway. Every year the flavour changes slightly, so you always want to know what you are buying.

    Returning to why this is more a business related expo. Last year if I recall it was mixed in with a finance or money expo.

    Benefits of buying at the expo instead of online:

    Usually it's the same price but without delivery fees which can be quite expensive since Tea exports must go through special clearance at a higher fee. ~A$10-$15 a kilo for air transportation. I personally prefer to wait for sales and pay that ridiculous shipping price though. Some people might be able to send it through normal China Post, effectively smuggling it, but the chances of it being confiscated and destroyed are too high for me.

    You get the meet the guy who is behind the history.

    Get business contacts in case you want to buy in bulk.


    Are these 2 events the same event??

    Sydney Tea Festival

    Sydney Tea Expo


    Well, no free tea cup this year; but managed to taste a lot of different teas.

    I think I spent around $500. x_X


      How to taste without tea cup? Stallholders provided free paper cups?

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        Some stalls have reusable porcelain cups that they bring; but most of them generally have paper and plastic cups.

        In my opinion the plastic cups change the flavour a bit. I tried to reuse the paper cup as much as possible as I wasn't sure the plastic ones were heat resistant or BPA free. It's those mini plastic cups you see at a party, commonly used to share vodka and spirits.

        I saw people getting the water straight off the kettle at 90-100c? Into the tea leaves for a min, 80c and then straight into the mini plastic cup with little to no heat dissipation.

        Seriously disappointed, but next time I'll bring my own cup.


          Boiling water temp is too high to brew chinese tea. Pity they didn’t offer complementary porcelin cups like they say. Maybe it was costing too much? It would be good to provide feedback to them.