(Preferebly) Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Recommendations

Hi all,

I'm looking at buying a (preferably) wireless outdoor security camera system. I've been researching for a few days now, but the more I research the more I get torn on what to buy.

My budget is under 700 dollars, as I only need two or three cams. I was considering either Eufy (first version), and Arlo Pro 2, but it seems some people love them, and others have had nothing but trouble.

My requirements are:
- Easy to install (although I can be swayed in to a wired solution if it meets all requirements).
- Nearly instant phone notifications, so I actually get notified while it detects someone, not after (I've read some people have issues with Eufy and Arlo in regards to this).
- An alarm of some kind that I can trigger from my phone to scare off any people snooping around.
- Night vision.
- Decent Android app
- Being able to rewind recordings from my phone.
- Being able to differentiate between a bush/tree blowing in the wind and a person, as I have a lot of bushes and trees around where I'll be pointing the cameras (I've read this is where Eufy may have issues).
- Preferably not ugly.

I looked through existing topics on the forum, but most seemed out of date or had different requirements.

Many thanks for any help.


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    I started with Arlo's but moved to Amazon Blink. Can't do the alarm bit but you could probably buy something seperate for that if you want a manual alarm. It only records motion but seems pretty quick to record compared to Arlo. Battery lasts 1-2 years.

    They have some PIR zoning you can do - eg my front door camera has a plant next to it and I can blot it out so that when the wind blows the plant the camera doesnt trigger a recording.

    $0 subscription too for 14 days of recording (can export them one by one to local storage if you want)



      Thanks for the suggestion! I haven't read much on the Blink, so I'll look in to it.

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    Easy to install (although I can be swayed in to a wired solution if it meets all requirements).

    This requirement is usually in linear detriment to ease of mantainance/troubleshooting.

    The Yale alarm system suits the other criteria you listed but it is almost your entire budget as is.

    The version of Arlo that can be wired is a good option. Start off wireless and work your way to wiring. The drawback of this route is when you eventually do the wiring, it is harder and the final result is less ideal than if you started with a POE system to begin with.


      Thanks mate. I hadn't considered an alarm system, but that seems to cover most of my requirements. I'll have to do some more research.


    I'm also interested in this same topic. Any other feedback?

    And comments on the reolink Argus 2?

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