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Unisex Regular White T-Shirt and Custom Front Printed $19.95 Pickup /+ $12.95 Delivery, 10% off Coupon @ Fashion Tee


Unisex Regular T-Shirts | Custom T-Shirts $19.95 printed shirts on White t-shirts ( Front Print only )

Looking for a custom t-shirts ? were currently running a campaign for only $19.95 A Shirt Printing Save $10 for each shirts
No minimum orders required,
No Set up Fee.
Free Artwork design or use our Easy to use Online T-Shirt Designer tools,
No extra cost for rush orders …

save additional 10% off by entering " ilikemyshirts10 "

We Print Directly to the T-Shirts. No Cracks, No faded images.

click above link **Hurry End 22 NOV 2019 **

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    What's the difference between your shirts and this other deal from Googoobarra? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/496086

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      Hello there

      We Used quality shirts, like ascolours, gildans , hanes & a local suppliers our prints is a commercial print most cheaper you can see online use iron on / heat transfer type thing , which that would be a cheaper way
      however we aim a quality and affordable price for everyone , we use top of the range printer to deliver a good results. thats i believe the difference between with other competitors

      Thanks for inquiry were looking more feedback to serve you better
      Thank you



        We Used quality shirts, like ascolours, gildans , hanes & a local suppliers

        Can you please clarify, I find this very misleading. There's a HUGE quality and fit difference between AS Colour and Gildan/Hanes and whatever local suppliers you use.

        If I order and expect AS Colour and end up with Gildan then I'd be quite annoyed.


    A little more effort as you need to setup with a store, but it's cheaper here: https://www.dropshirt.com.au/product-pricing/

    As low as $12.75 for a white shirt.


    Hello thank you for your comment pisoj1

    yes if you can see on the dropshirt website ascolour is about easy 15.50 plus gst already thats about $17 without a print, im assuming additional for example $10 not sure they rate total should be about $27 already
    its vary on shirts and print guarantee, we use to offer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/481640 at price $11.90 if you can see , but our business has big plan to deliver the quality of prints & shirts. weve been in the industry for more than 12 years since we start printing .. and we really understand the market base on our experience

    Thank you great question by the way



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      That $17, includes the print if it's A4 size. I think you guys are A3? So I guess that's a benefit.

      So, still cheaper. Their shipping is also cheaper. $7.​​25 for the first item $1.00 for each additional of these items sent in a single parcel

      Sportage shirts are $12.75 + gst, and are as good if not better than ascolor imo. Bit thinner, nicer for the Aussie climate.

      In regards to your quality statements, pretty much everyone I've seen doing the 1 shirt orders, is using DTG not vinyl/heat transfer. So I wouldn't say your quality is much better than anyone else in the market. (A bit of work with colours can make a difference)

      If you guys could look into hemp Tshirts, and get that working well, I'd be beyond interested. :)

      As well as an API for shopify/woocommerce etc for drop shipping. Great stuff.

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    hope they send my order soon. =)

    just sharing my sample computation here.

    tshirt - 24.95 (need a black shirt, thus cannot avail of the 19.95 promo)
    discount - 2.49
    shipping - 12.95
    total - 35.41

    easy to design the shirt i wanted. will decide in a while if ill push thru with the order.

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