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Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Easy Go $316 Delivered @ David Jones


Currently 20% off the RRP of $395 at David Jones. Discount added at checkout to make it $316.

Use discounted David Jones gift cards (6% off at Suncorp). Purchasing 3 x $100 gift cards will give you $18 off making it $298

Stack with current 7% Cashrewards cashback = $277.14

This is one of the best reviewed travel cots. It's lightweight and has a more comfortable mattress than other portacots, and is very quick to set up. Hope it's of use to some of you!

Mod Note: Price in title should not include Cashback, etc.

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David Jones
David Jones


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    Price in title shouldn't include any cashback or discount from gift cards

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    Does cashrewards cashback stack with gift cards?

    Anyway, $277 for a travel cot? You'd wanna be doing a lot of traveling!


      Would also be handy for sleepovers at the in-laws or relatives places where a cot isn't available. We use a travel cot for this purpose as it's only once a week and no use taking up a lot of space with a cot on a permanent basis. But yeah, $277 is a lot!


        Yeah we bought a porta cot at the baby expo for about $150 and we've taken it away on holidays several times as well as to grandparents houses. They're useful, but $277 is way too much IMO.


      The cashrewards website now states:
      Important Change: Cashback will not be paid on the purchase of Gift Cards. Cashback will be paid when Gift Cards are used as a payment method.

      It's worth it compared to having a cranky baby that won't sleep on your holiday. If you're going on a long holiday for a few weeks and they're sleeping on it every night I would prefer to have a comfortable mattress for them as some of the portacots have a really thin crappy "mattress". Also this one lays flat on the floor unlike some that are suspended above the floor and keep swinging. If it was just for the occasional use at the grandparents house or something then a cheapie would be fine.

      Also lugging around a cheaper 11kg cot is much more of a pain than a lighter one especially when you have a hundred other things you're carrying for the baby!


      We bought one when our son was born and it has been worth every cent. It's tiny, light and folds out in literally 5 seconds. So much better than those massive steel things that take up the space of a light aircraft and take forever to set up.

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    This would be excellent to contain some people when deals about soy or almond milk pop up.

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    I’ll be honest - I got one thinking it’s the smallest one around and would be fine to use. I agree it’s okay but the cot itself is quite small compared to a traditional style port a cot. I ended up buying a ‘normal’ portacot for my mums house and it was superb. This one has a fairly thin mattress and not much room to move. If your 6 month rolls around like mine - then it’ll hit the sides after half a roll

    In hindsight - if get a cheaper bigger cot. If you were travelling for a few weeks with a wee bub - then this is good for that. If you want to save some cash, then the Phil and teds portacot is very similar. Still sexy but small. Also under $200 and can be found cheaper if you look hard enough.



    Awesome portacot used for all three kids travelled with us round the world and in Australia
    kids love it
    easily washable
    easy to put up and pack away
    Price should be DJS price other cashbacks etc are not relevant for the title you cant go into DJs and pay $277


    These are amazing, worth it. But plenty available second hand for about $150


      I did have a look at some second hand ones but I'm a bit funny about using a used mattress. I've bought a second hand bassinet in the past but replaced the mattress with a new one. But Baby Bjorn's mattress is $100 so didn't seem worth doing with the travel cot


      We got ours free from one of the posh areas of Sydney that left an almost brand new one outside for a collection day. Amazing cot.


    great deal for a david jones cot we also have the cheaper porta cot but i do love david jones products


    Got 48% on Choice ratings, or 4th overall (all but two scored under 50%, which isn't great). Only the top two carriers passed suffocation and entrapment tests well, but even those only got 64% and 63%, and neither got 'recommended' labels on them. The Baby Bjorn was the lightest one in the top 7, but a few others that were lighter again only scored 1 or 2 percentage points lower. Some of the others that rated in the high 40's had the same light weight design as the Baby Bjorn- but none of them are over $200 rec retail. So you could find them cheaper again if purchased in similar sales environments.

    I'm a fan of the Baby Bjorn carriers, but honestly these travel cots with the same label trying to sell with a rec retail of $400 is in jousting stick territory. It appears you're buying brand name here, not safety and quality. I'm not going to copy and paste content from Choice, but each cot has a good points and bad points summary within its review. Most of the ones reviewed, including the Baby Bjorn was not flattering. At all.

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    The aforementioned Choice port-a-cot reviews: https://www.choice.com.au/babies-and-kids/baby-transport/por...

    And their buyers Guide: https://www.choice.com.au/babies-and-kids/baby-transport/por...

    Both contain some great information.

    We umm’ed and ahh’ed for a long time looking for a port-a-cot after reading the Choice info. And decided it was a risk based decision - none of them were great, some were ok..

    In the end we got one of the Mother’s Choice port-a-cots from Aldi last time they were on sale: http://offers.kd2.org/en/au/aldi/pbVry/

    Looks very similar to the Baby Bjorn model…


    How's this compared to the Mother's Choice one at ALDI? Looks very similar, but alot cheaper at $70ish I think?

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