AliExpress Seller Changed Product Description Post Dispatch

I purchased a pair of QCY T5 headphones from AliExpress yesterday as part of their 11.11 sale. The actual items for sale were advertised as Xiaomi T5, as QCY have a sales agreement with Xiaomi for them to onsell their products.

I was checking the shipping today and noticed the seller has changed the product description, and has added a blurb about how the product they are sending out is not the model that I ordered:

Note: T3 make in QCY, which is the product of QCY, but xiaomi has reached an agreement with QCY, so its packaging and products are all from QCY. So, the product you received the package and headphones, and bluetooth name, is "QCY T3," I have been in the details shown on the page, if you can accept, welcome you to buy them, because of its quality is very good, if you don't accept, please don't buy, if you receive a QCY T3 instead of "xiaomi" open dispute, we are not responsible for, because we have already told you

However the seller has left in the product description, their original product details which specify:

Brand: QCY
Model: T5
Type: In-Ear
Material: ABS
Features: Portable
Wearing type: In-Ear
Main Functions : Answering Phone,Bluetooth,HiFi,Microphone,Noise Cancelling,Song Switching

What do you think my chances are of getting a refund are given they have sneakily added this blurb after the product was sent!

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    Any proof about the change and date of it?


      Not really… I'm 99% sure it wasn't there when I ordered. Do you know is there any way to see the product description at the time of ordering?

      If the seller doesn't institute a refund I'm going to do a chargeback on my credit card.


    Go to your orders, isn't there a copy of the listing you purchased stored there?


    In future you could screen shot or even video record it. So they can't dispute (that you've photoshopped) you could in future use the Wayback Machine . You could even check if it was saved by someone else prior to the edit, but this is highly unlikely. Might even be a good idea to save the current page/description in the Wayback Machine in case they change it again.


    Ok, I'm either losing my shit or the seller made a mistake when they added that blurb to product description which they have now corrected; the poduct now says you will receive QCY T5 not T3…
    Still they added that after my order which is a bit dodge.

    Hopefully I get the T5…


    That's a tough one. Gearbest have actually done a comparison so it'll be interesting to see what you get.

    Regarding the whole 'Xiaomi' thing, QCY are the manufacturer of the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots and a heap of other brands like Soundpeats. It's very misleading for the seller to slap Xiaomi on there for more sales.

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