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Sennheiser PC 37x $100 USD / $168 AUD Shipped @ Drop


PC 37X from Sennheiser is at Drop (formerly massdrop) for $100 USD. I've got a pair and they're quiet good, so I thought I'd share this in case ya'll are interested.

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    AUD price in title please


    Used the $20 USD new user discount and shipped all up it's ~$138.53 AUD.

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    ~$168 AUD including shipping of around $15USD to Melbourne


    I thought I saw these cheaper over the past 2 weeks, maybe 80-90 USD. Thought about grabbing them with the 20 USD new user discount but ended up picking up AD700X after reading all the recommendations. Maybe they’re good for PC but damn do they suck with surround on PS4 compared to my astros. Returning them today.

    Have you owned anything else to compare the PC 37x to? I know they get a lot of recommendations but I don’t want to make the same mistake I did with the AD700X.


    Price reduced to 90 USD!