Any Electricity Retailers Installing Smart Metres Free in SA?


I have a smart meter but no remote reading. I've been told soon I'll have to pay for the reads. Are any retailers installing a smart meter by default if you sign up?




    Powershop does not charge for the meter or its installation at your property except in cases where any additional onsite work is required to install the meter, in which case we will levy a fee of no more than $100. Some examples of additional onsite work are minor asbestos removal, fuse replacements and link installations.

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    How can I get a free smart meter?

    Submit your details above or call us on 1300 962 027 and one of our brokers will check if you qualify for a free upgrade.

    Who cannot get a Smart Meter?

    In some cases, smart meters may not be permitted due to the below:

    • Poor Wiring
    • Current metering arrangement
    • Asbestos or hazardous materials being present
    • Evidence of meter tampering

      Cheers! They are also cheaper than my current provider. Interesting service where you purchase electricity.


    Who has told you that reads will be charged for? That's ridiculous, in my opinion, unless sapn will upgrade all meters! The retailer can't charge this, as they're not the ones reading the meter.

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