Priority Pass Tips for a Newbie - Help

Hi Everyone,

I have a Citibank Signature card and that came with a Priority Pass.

From what I understand I get 2 lounge visits each year and/or I can use it in some cafe at the airport and pay for my coffee or something?. My first question is - what is 'an year'? Does it finish 31st Dec every year?

I have never used Priority Pass before and would like to use it this time when we are travelling.

Not sure why I am anxious using it though!

Ok…so here's what my travel looks like -

Family of Four. Flying Cathay.

1st week Dec -
Melbourne - Hong Kong Stopover 2 hours

HK —> Mum (Mumbai).

Stay for a week.

MUM —-> Delhi

Stay for a week.

Delhi ——> Bangalore

Stay for a week.

Bangalore ——> Mum

Stay for two weeks.

Return mid Jan

Mum —> HK

Stay for a week

HK —-> Melbourne

Back to working life!

What is the best way for me maximise the Priority Pass for this travel?

Any tips/advice from your side is appreciated.



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    My suggestion for you is to use the $36 worth of food at any of the three cafes in Melbourne Airport. This way you don't have to pay for family members entering the lounges with you. You can use both visits at the same cafe too if you wish to do so. Personally I don't find it value for money having to pay for my two kids who are over two but less than eight years old.

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    It is 2 lounge visits per calendar year, so yes 31 Dec.

    The pass is only valid for you, not the rest of your family. Your can take in guests (I'm not sure how many, perhaps only one) at a cost of around US$30, so expensive for a family of 4 even if that many were allowed. As @jerrizhao suggests, it makes more sense to use it for the cafes unless you are planning to travel again by yourself or just your partner before year end.


      If it’s calendar year than I can use two during dec and maybe one while coming back in Jan next year (2020) and leave another one for time if I travel alone sometime next year.


        Mmmm… Based on the other people's replies, perhaps I'm wrong about that, though I'm sure it used to be a calendar year. Citibank's website now talks about a "membership year".

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    pretty sure it's membership year?

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