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Due to some tendon issue I got from hard to click mouse, I was looking for a light weight and easy to click mouse. I've narrowed my search down to either the G102 or the G Pro hero mice. Can anyone give any insight into which is easiest to click? and if possible the focrce needed to click in grams?

Open to any other easy to click mice suggestions as well!

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    G102 is easier to click
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    G Pro Hero is easier to click
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    Not sure as I only have 1 of these mice and they click really easily



    Are you Smithers from the Simpson's?


    I've got a G Pro, and it needs roughly the same force to click as any other mouse.

    If you have wrist pain, then you could try an ergonomic mouse which keeps your hand partly vertical like the Logitech Mx vertical.


      Not so much wrist pain as it was clicking pain from hard clicking mouses- i started using verticle mouses hoping to fix it but instead they put alot more strain into the fingers as the click on these mice are not completely supported by gravity


    Trackball may also be better.

    CST L-trac is the best option but it's pricey, around $130. It's made to last a lifetime though.

    AFAIK, all other trackballs do not use stainless steel ball bearings (which are self cleaning) so they get bumpy with dust and dirt.

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    I think you should learn electronics and convert the microswitches to optoelectronics. Potentially zero weight needed.


    First computer mouse Probably not that one! :)

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