Samsonite Cosmolite, FireLite and Lite Shock

Hi guys,

I’m going to buy a lightweight hard suitcase. I search for this topic for few days but don’t receive a good answer.

They’re samsonite luggage with curv technology but which one is the best?

Some posts said FireLite has better wheels and water proof zipper. But FireLite is 200g heavier.

Do you have experience with these luggage? Please let me know.



    I am in the same boat and looking for some recommendations. I realised most hard shell luggage are around 4.5 kgs! That’s crazy

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    My wife has the Cosmolite (I think in 81cm size) and I have the Lite Shock (similar size). She's had hers for about three years now, mine's just coming over a year (which replaced another Samsung hard case that lasted about 10 years / 300+ flights).

    For weight, either option is light (just above the 3kg mark iirc), the 'hard' shell looks pretty tough, you will get scratches but that's symbols/tokens of your travel, sticky labels will sometimes not come off cleanly (again symbols of your travels). In terms of waterproofing, I don't know, never thought about but I would estimate unless you place the bag outside in rain like conditions, I think it will do a good job with resisting water around the zip area because the hard shell is not penetrable.

    For wheels, the reason why I think my last samsonite hard case broke (loved that bag too) was too much excessive dropping off the bag (likely by baggage handlers) where they throw the bag onto its wheels but instead of hitting all four wheels at once to even out the load (say 20ish kgs) it hits one wheel, and do that tens/hundreds of times and eventually that one wheel could break / or cause a corner of the bag where that wheel is to crack (that's what happened to mine - but it was a solid hard case). Could happen to any hard case though (or even any luggage).

    From a looks perspective, I think my Lite Shock looks much more modern than my wife's Cosmolite.

    Anyway, good luck, I don't think you would be dissapointed with any of those choices.

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    I have a Cosmolite (81cm). I've travelled a lot and I was sick and tired of carrying around a really heavy suitcase. I love it and would most definitely buy one again. Very light and easy to move.

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