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Samsung Evo Plus 128GB MicroSD $28 @ Harvey Norman


If you're like me and just bought a drone recently and want a new SD card for your drone. This is the cheapest I have seen for a 128gb Sd card

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Also $27.55 with Officeworks price match :)

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    Don't use 128GB card for a drone… that's like 18 flights worth of footage. You want to switch out the SD card for every flight, to safe guard against data loss.

    Get a couple of 16GB or 32GB cards.


      I actually have the total opposite approach:

      I use a 256GB card that I leave in the drone all the time. I go out for a day, shoot my videos and back them up to a HDD when I get the chance (at the end of the day if possible).

      If I were using, say 4x 32GB cards and swapping them after every flight, I have 4 times more chances of having a card failure (by having 4 times as many cards), without taking into account the wear cause by swapping the cards…

      If I have a card failure (256GB), I have a spare 256GB in my drone bag. If I am not able to recover the footage using a recovery software, I am aware that I would lose all the footage on the card, compared to part of the footage on a smaller 32GB card.

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        the issue is not card failure.. its drone loss.

        I've seen so many friends lose their drone. I had many lucky escapes myself.

        With a 128GB card, if you plan to do 18 flights before dumping the data.. odds are pretty good that you'd lose the drone within that first 18 flights. Which means you have no footage at all recovered.

        Losing footage from 1 or 2 flights from say a 10-flight trip due to card failure is not a big problem. Usually the footage within the same area are pretty similar anyway.


    SanDisk ultra 128gb is same spec for under 25$ at Amazon au


      Are they genuine?

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      They are not the same spec.

      SanDisk ultra is capable to record videos on FullHD (1080P) whilst samsung evo plus U3 is capable of doing 4K videos.

      Samsung Evo Plus is better than sandisk ultra.


        Ok I see the main speed is only the read speed, they have the same read speed but the Samsung has a faster write speed.


        SanDisk ultra is capable to record videos on FullHD

        where do you get this idea?

        I get 40MB/s from 64GB Ultra, which is far more than enough for 4K video recording.
        Even a minimal 10MB/s required by "class 10" should be enough for most 4K cameras.
        My camera uses about 7MB/s for 4K. (25GB/hr) but I thought new ones were more efficient.

        I stocked up on these 64GB cards for about $8 each on OzB deals.


    Cheapest maybe at hardly normal I have purchased as low as $23


    just in time…
    thanks.. just bought one from officeworks


    Hi guys is this enough capacity for a switch? I prefer buying physical game cards rather than download them. Would this be enough, my mates saying minimum 256GB?!


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    cheaper options from eBay here @ $21.95(100% feedback from 77082) or here @ $21.42(99.8% feedback from 3045) depends which seller you have more confident.

    credit to adr8 & RanaJani


    Thanks OP. Grabbed two and price matched at OW.


    I just got OW to price beat it at $26. Bargain