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30% off Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Air Conditioner $104.30 Shipped @ EvaPolar


UPDATE: There seems to be a better coupon code to get 30% OFF: AUSSIE30, use this one instead - thanks to @obiwanmy

Evapolar evaCHILL is a compact, personal air conditioner (using evaporative cooling technology). It won't cool down your entire room like a real air conditioner/split system, but more like a personal fan (but with cooler air)

Summer is coming, so best to take the offer while you can (From AU$149, down to AU$104.30)

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    Reminds me of the portable air conditioners in the movie Congo.

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    Sounds like a waste of money to me

    If you want the illusion of cooling, buy a $5 USB fan

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    Truly interested in the difference between this and Kogan unit ..

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    Evaporative cooling isn't air conditioning.

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      Portable definitely not, but when set up properly air coming from outside and allowed to exhaust, then evaporative air conditioning can work really well if outside relative humidity is low enough.

      2 stage evaporative cooling is even better with the resultant cooled air that is in the ideal humidity range of 50-65%

      Of course these are whole house systems and cost a lot more, but use way less electricity than refrigeration based a/c.


    Bought the upgraded model and it spills water, really frustrating when I have electronics nearby.

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    Hey rep, why being stingy ? You know that the code AUSSIE30 gives you 30% discount to bring this down to $104.30 …. I am surprise you didnt advertise the higher discount !


      Good find! Maybe his commission is sell price based? :)

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      The whole product is shit. Look at my comment above. These things average $30 on eBay.


      I didn't know about the AUSSIE30, I was told this coupon code by Evapolar and no I don't get any commission from this


    Negging due to there being no bargain here only advertising!

    This is more expensive than the everyday normal prices listed by potplanty and me below, it's the exact same product!
    Also don't forgot Shopback to reduce the prices by 1%

    What can I say potplanty has done the research! #NonStop_potplanty!

    99.99% of all these reps and associates posting "deals" aren't deals aren't at all, the products are all ridiculously overpriced and if you really, really want to buy from a seller with stock in Australia just buy from eBay, take this seller for example his/her stock is in Australia and is selling their product for $3.99 compare that to ops price of $16.99!!!

    Drop shipping is out. The new way is buying from AliExpress, Alibaba, DHgate etc. The products then arrive in Australia, and they are then advertised for a ridiculous markup on Ozbargain as “specials!”


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