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Recently emailed Samsung with queries about the accuracy of a salespersons claims about one of their bottom mount refrigerators after I could find nothing about my query on the low noise claim on Samsung's website.

I received a snippy reply stating the information I had already seen on the website and stating that I could find it on the website and that if I wanted anything further I had to phone them.

It was appalling enough a response that I chose the LG fridge instead.

To have queries responded to by phone is difficult for me due to hearing issues and also on prepaid can cost a fortune if I am stuck on hold.

I have been off the grid for almost a year, so I'd like to know your opinions on whether it is common now that businesses force queries to be submitted by phone, and if so how do people with hearing impairments cope?



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    How was your experience with LG customer service?


      Actually I everything checked out on their website so I didn't need to contact them. So just ordered the LG fridge and keeping my fingers crossed :)

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        Can you edit your post title?
        The posting has nothing to do with a comparison between the customer service of the two companies. LG shouldn't probably be even mentioned.


        So you haven't compared the services then as you haven't contacted LG at all……

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    I have had many samsung products that have died or developed faults and never received any customer service that would want you to buy their products again.
    Since then I went the LG path and can only comment on one contact with their customer service which was perfect.
    That was a problem with one of two air conditioners. The problem turned out to be an installer fault and not the product.
    Of all the other LG products none have failed which is a pleasant change.
    We purchased a Mitsubishi 4 door fridge and one of the led lights failed. They were quick & polite in getting it sorted.


    There was a time I was encouraging friends to go with Samsung tvs as their panels were ahead of the competition at the time. Since then I’ve stopped buying products from Samsung / encouraging when I’ve read about mistreatments that buyers got for warranty and faults. i’d prefer them as a component manufacturer over a consumer products manufacturer .

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