Motorola G7 Power or wait?

So been researching for a week now and the Motorola G7 Power seems the best option for me in the price range of around $300. The features I want are large battery, nfc and wireless charging, however wireless charging isn't a deal breaker.

I also looked at the oppo a5 2020 which says on the site has nfc. But you can only buy it from telstra and telstra say that nfc is not enabled on the device.

Anyone know if theres any phones coming in early 2020 that are worth waiting it out for, instead of the G7 power?




    Just get the Sony Xperia XZ Premium for $400.
    If you miss out, there's still the great LG V30 for $400 (or maybe $350 ?)

    …you'll get better value out of these devices, otherwise look for the Moto G7 Plus (4GB/64GB) and aim for $300 (rare but happens).


      Don't think the Sony is really an upgrade from my current s7. It came out 3 years ago.

      Thanks I'll have a look at the others.

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    Just keep in mind the Motorola G7 Power only has a 720p screen compared to all the other models which have 1080p.

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