Where Can I Create Custom Xmas Card with Magnet on Back?

Hi all,

Trying to find an online custom photo print website where I can create an xmas card with a little magnet on the back for optional putting up on the fridge…but everywhere i look seems to be offer either actual magnets or just cards with no magnets.
Any suggestions?



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    stick the magnet with superglue, i guess ?

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      reuse all the real estate agent, politician, mechanics junk mail calendars with magnets



        Or buy a few matching fridge magnets that you find attractive / decorative, and use those to keep the photo on the fridge.


      May I humbly suggest using normal school glue instead of superglue. It'll have a better bond.


      Sounds like I'll have to DIY but luckily poster below said officeworks has stuck on magnets so no glue required.

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    Officeworks sell stick on magnetic tape on sticky tape dispenser, or in sheets of various sizes.


      Thanks mate. This is looking like the best option,


    Do Vistaprint offer this?

    Couldn't see it…