So Who's Bought An Engagement Ring From James Allen/BlueNile? Did You Pay Duty?

I think has been already discussed on other forums but there doesn't seem to be consensus as there are conflicting sources online…

Who here, has bought a >$1000 diamond engagement ring + setting from US-based online stores James Allen/BlueNile? And if so, did you pay 5% duty on top of 10% GST?

From my understanding there is a free trade agreement with the US with loose diamonds (i.e. not in setting) on the list.

However, I can't find any reference to what happens once the diamond mounted in the setting.

According to multiple sources, it seems that purchases over $1000 will incur 5% duty for diamond rings and yet, there are conflicting accounts where people have bought rings without paying 5% duty?

Any help for a confused brother would be much appreciated!

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    Yes, paid 10% GST + 5% duty on diamond/gem+setting
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    Yes, paid 10% GST + 5% duty on LOOSE diamond/gem
  • 6
    No, only paid 10% on diamond/gem+setting
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    No, only paid 10% on LOOSE diamond/gem

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  • Didn't buy mine from there but I remember it impacting my decision (this was about 3 years ago), went with Jogia instead then had a jeweller set it in a ring for me

    • How did the prices compare? I'm leaning towards JA because of the ability to view the diamond in 360 and report data

      • Turned out better because of the AUD/USD and the taxes/duties - but also went with them so that just in case something screws up, I can physically visit them to complain :D Jogia does that as well (there's some that has the 360/image/report - as an example) but as long as you do your research you'll be fine - there's a site called pricescope that helps out alot.

        I think it cost me about $200 to order it in then they compile a report along w/ the 360 video.

        • Thanks! I checked out pricescope, so it's essentially a diamond forum?

          Sorry could you clarify what was $200? A report, does this include the aset and idealscope? I thought JA can do for free

  • I purchased a ring from James Allen last year which came via fedex. It had this written on the invoices/labels:

    "Consignment complies with the AUSFTA and the POM. Made in USA".

    I only got hit with the two main fees, 10% GST and an $83 fedex "handling" fee (not sure how they calculated this).

    So it seems like as long as the shipper properly declares the ring as originating from the USA, then there should be no duty imposed?

    • Thanks! That's some reassurance

  • Guy I was talking to the other week purchased a ring from one of those online stores (I forget which one), and they marked the parcel 'Costume Jewellery' with a value of $20.

    Sent it via Fedex with insurance etc etc. Says he got the ring within 48 hours…

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      Was it also insured for $20…?

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        No, of course not. They're an international business and it's in their best interests to keep their customers happy.

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    Waiting for Jar Jar binks to post! :)

  • Looking to get a ring. Any tips? Looked around at mainstream stores and it seems a lower quality is being pushed out these days at redic pricing.

    Any guide for what I should be paying for a single solitaire diamond (3/4 carrat), yellow gold, size J, VS 1 or 2, Colour F or G.

    She likes thin gold bans and the NSEW setting of the solitare (4 clasp holding it).


    • It depends on the type of shape you want too… You can save some money if she doesn't want a round cut as they are typically more expensive. Note: you can get some serious value if you look into SI1 diamonds as long as they are "eye clean" i.e. you can't see any imperfections without magnification.

      Fluorescence is another factor which can impact price, with minimal effect on the overall look.

      The basic band from James Allen is super cheap, at <400AUD for a solitaire band with prongs

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    UPDATE: Process was fairly straight forward. In fact, the email confirmation from JA actually confirmed the below that only GST needed to be paid

    Please be aware that the Australia United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) covers all packages shipping to Australia, this means that you will only be responsible for local taxes and fees - no duties will be charged for your package. An AUSFTA form has already been electronically filed with FedEx. Once you receive your tracking number we recommend that you contact FedEx at 13-26-10 so that you can arrange to pay your taxes and fees, and expedite the clearance of your pacakge through customs.