Antenna Suggestion for 4G Modem

Seeking recommendation for antennas for 4G modems.

I use 4G internet with Optus for our home internet. I have been using 4G Huawei modems (e5186, B525s), which have 2x SMA antenna ports at the back.

Does anyone have any recommendations / experience for cheap antennas that might boost the signal, even by just a little?
I am aware that many antennas on ebay may not do anything at all, and that the gains advertised are inflated.

I had a look at Telcoantennas, but it's like $50 for a pair.



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    Have you tried re-positioning the modem ?


      Thanks. It's already sitting at the window facing the nearest tower. Unfortunately it's 1.5km away , and no direct line of sight.

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    Is what I have for our E5186.
    Chose it cause it included sufficient cable that I didn't need extra to roof mount it. That cable is EXPENSIVE!

    I bought a cheapie off eBay and installed it in the roofspace to get as close as possible to line of sight and honestly it did (profanity) all.
    There was a huge boost once I poked it above the tiles for direct line of sight, but it wasn't weather rated, so I caved and bought the proper unit.

    I now have direct line of sight to the tower (however it's directly through some powerlines which I am sure is impacting our speeds).
    We max out around 130/8mbps off peak, down as low as 30/8 in peak hours.
    Still worth it though as our FttN maxxed out at 30/8 and it cost more per month.

    Bring on 5G!

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    An easier option is to mount it to your gutter.
    Run the cable out of a window or through a hole in the wall.

    Or even just an antenna (or the, modem itself) positioned in a window.

    You ideally want to get line of sight to the tower cause Band 40 (the fastest Optus connection) is easily blocked by obstacles.

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