Power Adapters - Multi/International Recommendations


Can anyone recommend a Multi use Adapter? I can't find my US to AU plug, so I need a basic one for that but figured the Multi all in 1 travel Adapters which do most countries, from AU to International and have USB for charging etc.

I'm not looking for the cheapest, good quality one preferred. Amazon? Ebay?

Thank you


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    I have a Belkin that isn't bad. Used it in a few countires with no issues.


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    I have used the Baseus USB charger and it works very well in EU, UK and USA https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32841197536.html

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    This: Aliexpress

    I hate the type that come with one main unit and a bunch of interchangeable adapters which I will end up misplacing in no time. Compared to those this one has all pins built in and much more travel friendly being a compact all-in-one product.

    Has QC 3.0 and PD built in and can assume reasonable quality being a Baseus product. If you want more power sockets take a powerboard and plug into this one.


    Awesome, will check them all out.

    Any good multi USB charging units for Australia? The units you can plug 3-4 USB devices to charge?


      You missed the boat on the RAV power ones during singles day sales earlier this week. Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming up though

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    Whatever you do just don't buy cheap ones. They will overheating/dangerous.

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