Family Got New Switch Where Is The Best Place to Buy Games and What Are Some Cheap Staples Everybody Enjoys

Yeah so I know nothing much about the current state of switch and what games are cheap or good for couch co-op play aka in person multiplayer.

What sites or where is the best place to get games what does it need to play like can you play couch co-op without Nintendo online or whatever it is called.

What are some games every party switch should have so far only got mario kart and I think crash team racing.

There are a lot of us so 4 player games probably work best or more would probably be best there is like up to 10 players sometimes at family events and if we have a tv nearby even better.

Some games I am thinking of are

Rocket league - I have played it on pc and it is fun no idea how many players can play locally on one switch though but rocket league will definitely be a top game for family to play

Overcooked 1-2 - seems to be the multiplayer diner dash from quick look at videos and trailers

Super smash bros ultimate (or the latest ones) - we are not really a smash family and honestly just play non fighting or "Non monopoly" games mostly muck around on light hearted games like racing, party or puzzle type games (hmmm)

Tricky towers - Tetris multiplayer have played it using parsec so I know it will be fun for local play

Super Mario Party (or current equivalent) - this is pretty much the iconic title for party games a long with Mario kart and ssb

Platoon 1-2 - when switch first came out this game was the only reason I would have maybe picked up a switch as it looks really fun and kid family friendly

Arms - another fun looking game but no idea on the local play

So games like pokemon might be fun for us to watch one person play from time to time so don't count at fun to watch singleplayer games just wondering what is like dirt cheap now to pick up or super standout group atmosphere type games that we might play at each others house or at a restaurant

Also I don't want to say the name but for cheapest prices I am open to suggestions in dm about any good sites to buy from of course needs Australian region or whatever is activatable here in Australia.. I have checked some key sellers and CD key shops but not sure if this is the best price.

I am assuming switch keys work like pc keys in that once somebody uses the key they can't transfer it to another switch owner or device and it is locked to that switch library for good so buying from ebay used copies would be a stupid move?

Anyways will add to the list later as I read up more on switch and switch games.

What is the ggdeals/isthereanydeal/cheapdigitaldownload/etc equivalent for switch gaming?


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    Just dance.

    • How does it work for mp lol

      • What? Does MP = multiplayer?

        • Yes mp = multiplayer sorry forgot to clarify that

      • You can play up to 4 players all using individual joycons. They also support using mobile phones so you might not need to get 2 extra joycons to play 4 players!

        Also, highly recommend both overcooked games!

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    What Are Some Cheap Staples Everybody Enjoys

    I just get mine from officeworks but I wouldn't say anyone really enjoys them…

    • But then how do you price match? 😁

    • Yeah been checking that out seems to be mostly eshop deals.

      I guess there is no humble bundle or fanatical equivalent yet.

      Can't name some other websites but been checking them out too.

      I found out about dekudeals from reddit switch deals today.

      • I do not think there won't be a site like Fanatical or HB for Nintendo keys in the future as Nintendo wants to remain in control and be able to set the prices.
        If you want deals other than eShop deals your best chance is getting physical copies that are on sale from retailers (or buy used games).

        • Seems like the case I'm not too familiar with Nintendo atm but I'm assuming that they have digital ways of acquiring games and content in the form of keys so maybe websites that sell those might be the best bet.

          • @AlienC: I think Nintendo will simply not allow that. They have a captive market for digital - why would they want to give this up. You already spent $400+ on a console and now you need games. Either you stick exclusively with physical and look out for deals from various retailers or you buy from Nintendo when they have sales.
            Nintendo will not give up their control over digital I am sure.

            • @Lysander: I am just assuming there must be a centralised place where people can sell there Nintendo keys that they bought but didn't use or something sorry I'm not too well versed in the Nintendo ecosystem past the game boy colour lol.

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    I’m more into single player games than co-op but for cheap games I’ve found the e-shop sales to be great value when compared to retail.

    • I love singleplayer games but it will be mostly used at family gatherings and etc so unless it is like gta or another fun to watch sp game will probably spend the budget on mp games.

      But feel free to recommend any good games period.

      Down the line years later I may get my own switch second have and come back to this thread like 5-10 years later reading the recommendations.

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    Oh my god, the post really is written by an alien.

  • look on deku deals for prices (eshop and amazon).

    for party style couch coop fun my recommendations are

    • o Overcooked 2 (or 1) [work together to make meals in a kitchen]
    • o Towerfall Ascension [Single screen 2d platformed. Last one standing. Shoot the other players with arrows.]

    Both are hectic and a lot of fun.

    • o Rocket League also supports 4 player split screen.
    • o Ultimate Chicken Horse also looks really fun with 4 players
    • o Duck game is similar to ultimate chicken horse but has guns too, do it's like (Tower Fall + Chicken Horse)
    • I think Tetris 99 will be getting local coop DLC (If it doesnt already have it).

      And for two player only, there is Nidhogg 2, for quick fencing death match, and there is Snipper clips, for a cute shape based coop puzzling (maybe less replay value though), and there's also cuphead for a more challenging 2 player experience.

    • Thanks those are some great recommendations will probably keep an eye out for most of these unless you have any more good recommendations

  • Best games I would say are probably a lot of the proprietary big N titles, like Mario Kart, New Super Mario Brothers, Mario Odyssey, Zelda etc.

    Nintendo games hold their value incredibly well, so a lot of the time you will have occasional sales on things but the major franchise originals usually aren’t on sale so I’d actually recommend second hand for a lot of those because things like Mario Kart you can just play endlessly and are great for parties, and other titles like Super Mario Bros can be re-sold again for not a huge loss.

    There’s also a ton of indie titles that are great, stuff like Hollow Knight, or Stardew Valley are worth looking at.

  • Yeh ffs mario kart deluxe may be on special bf but even if it's not just buy it! Fun multiplayer

  • Human: Fall Flat
    Killer Queen Black
    Paperbound Brawlers
    Super Sportmatchen
    Goonya Fighters
    Art of Balance
    Fast RMX
    Death Squared (Aussie Devs too)
    Doom (1993)
    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
    Mantis Burn Racing
    Mutant Football League (be aware there are some not-so-kid-friendly commentary lines and some blood that are able to be disabled via the menu)
    NBA 2K Playgrounds 2
    Party Golf (Aussie devs too)
    Runbow (most underrated game on the console for multiplayer imo)
    ScreenCheat (Aussie too)
    Super Mario Maker 2
    Super Bomberman R
    Ultimate Chicken Horse (this is my go-to game for 4 player couch chaos and fun)

    These are all my top picks for co-op/competitive games on switch. If you want me to narrow down to some quality ones that haven't already been mentioned previously, my biggest recommendations for 4 players are definitely:
    Ultimate Chicken Horse
    Art of Balance
    Rocket League
    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (given there's good communication and basic reading ability)

    Seeing as you're already aware of DekuDeals, you'd be able to look up price charts fairly easily.

    Also last time I checked, EB had a physical copy of Runbow for $20

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      Wow thanks now this is a good solid list I am looking for.

      A million praises I will send my finest wives to please and cook for you.

      May your seed spread strong.

      • What

        • I think I may have been tired or something.

          • @AlienC: Okay. Also I am an advocate of Tricky Towers as well

  • Ultimate Chicken Horse - lots of fun for multiplayer.

  • Rocket League doesn't allow multi-player on same switch currently. It used to but then now it's broken.It's a known issue they say they are "working on" but they've been saying it for a while now with no progress. Just FYI.

    • Thanks for the info and heads up.

      Rocket League is a good one but I guess now it's one player per switch only.


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