Do Bunnings Cut Solid Metal Tubes?

This is the metal tube I am talking about.

Need something about 2m, but they come in 3m, longer than I need and definitely cant be transported in my SUV.

Saw another post about cutting timber. So wonder if they will cut the metal tubes?

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    bring along a hacksaw :)

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      Or just borrow one from bunnings!

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    Solid Metal Tubes

    oxymoron right there.

    • I think OP means a solid metal rod

    • More like Solid Metal Tie Wire

  • 6.3 mm you'd be able to roll it to a U shape or round 1.3m wide and stick it in the back.

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    What did they say when you asked them?

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      We can cut the sausages with the the tongs but they doubt it will cut through steel rod and if i wanted an extra sausage with that would cost me extra $2.50

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    Duct tape to the body of the car and make out it's the antenna if cops pull you over

  • In my experience they do not

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    It's 6.3mm, you could cut it with scissors from the $2 shop.

    Seriously though, as above, just bend it with your hands, or get a small child to do it for you.

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      LOL at the last part.

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    I don't believe they will. But just walk to the electrical section and use the wire cutters to chop it, if you want a clean cut. Or as others have said, just bend it.

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    Go to the tool section, grab bolt cutters (
    Buy for $15 or put them back!

    • They have a tool library..?

    • That one can only cut 6mm

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    Go to a metal shop they should be cheaper and will cut it for you.

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      This. As aussieprepper has suggested search for a metal supplier that will be likely much cheaper than Bunnings, and also will cut to length with most likely a powered hacksaw in only a few moments.

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    Walk there and pole vault home.

  • Must be a tiny suv if u cant put a 3mr rod in it? From hatch to dash should go. Put something over the ends so it does not mark anything.

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      If it doesn’t, just place it in diagonally and stick it out the front window a bit. Maybe not legal, but unlikely to cause any issues if it isn’t hanging out too much.

    • Agree.
      I regularly fit 3.2m x 185mm x 25mm FJ pine in mine.
      (It's for ongoing weatherboard repairs to a 110 YO Federation house.)
      If you want to cut it, go buy an Ozito 18V cordless angle grinder and DIY in the carpark.

      • Let’s see, cordless grinder plus battery for around $100 or the cheapest hacksaw they have for $5. Difficult decision ;)

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    Battery angle grinder with thin metal abrasive cutting disc circa 2/3mm or indeed the hacksaw!!.

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    You can ring Bunnings, have you ever thought of that

  • we had them cut a tube for a curtain that rod. Think it was metal but not sure. It could depend on the person working the saws too

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