Bulk Buy Whiskas Cat Food

Hi guys,

We have 3 cats and they seem to be obsessed with Whiskas brand jelly pouches. Does anyone know where we can buy in bulk?
Costco has a 60pk of the oh so fishy loaf variety https://www.groceryvan.com.au/collections/costco-cat-food/pr...
Does something similar exist in Australia?



  • Costcos stock/varieties change all the time, so might be worth dropping into your local one and looking. You can get a guest pass during weekdays for free.

    Also just wait till colesworth has them half price and buy up big?

    • Last time I tried to get a guest pass for Costco they turned me down.

      • Was it the weekend? The guest pass is only for 'looking'

        • Nope, was at Docklands they told me you couldn’t even look you had to buy the pass. This was a while ago, and I’m a member now, so they may have changed back. Just warning people they may not let you in. Also got pinged for having more than 2 guests, the other day, as well. It was during the week, and they let us in, but you think they would want people to bring along people when it isn’t crowded. However, overall, the Costco people are pretty good and it is fun to look at the bonkers stuff. Their Christmas decorations are worth the price of admittance, at the moment, and their Christmas tree bag is great for storing bedding over summer.

          • @try2bhelpful: Hmmm maybe the policy has changed for guest passes? They never really liked them on the weekend as its crazy busy, which is fair enough.

            Yes the xmas stuff is crazy, and some of the prices on the trees are mind blowing!

            • @JimmyF: It is always worth the ask, anyway :) I was told that if I couldn’t find anything worthwhile I could cancel my membership at anytime for a refund. Just renewed because we can, generally, find stuff we want. Mostly the electrical, homewares stuff. Then you have the tastes of products. Given some of the prices I assume a lot of the Christmas stuff is for shop displays. The amount of money they put through the till is mind blowing.

    • Thanks, I'll look into those options.

  • Cats do love fish but unfortunately humans and cats can't eat fish too often due to heavy metal accumulation.

    • You shouldn't give them much fish, although with something like Whiskas you do wonder how much actual fish is in there.

  • I think Costco has the most bulk buys in cat food coz I use to buy off big w as they had the 24packs but Costco sells more in bulk definately

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