Cloud 1 (PS4 Edition) or Stingers or Stinger Core? Budget Headphones under $80

Mates trying to get headphones after he tried my cloud 2s. However, running on a thinner budget.

All prices in aud:

Cloud 1s (PS4 edition) $88


Cloud stingers: $80


Cloud stingers cores: $47

$80 was really my friends max spending but if the clouds are as good as the 2s then might as well for $8

He’s planning to get them tomorrow so replies ASAP would be great. Thanks everyone xx

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    Cloud 1s $88
  • 1
    Cloud stingers $80
  • 1
    Cloud stingers cores $47



    My son has the HyperX Cloud Stinger and loves them

    The flip to mute is great, pretty comfy too. Seen them on special for $6070 a few times @ JB