Netflix - 6 Months Free for Foxtel Subscribers (iQ3 / iQ4 users)

I received an email from Foxtel today that gives you 6 months on the HD (2 screen plan) for free. This is for new or existing Netflix subscribers. All you need to do is open up Netflix on your iQ3 or iQ4 box. I'm not sure if this is targeted. A copy of the email is below.

To say thank you for being a valued Foxtel customer, we’ve added a credit to your account for you to enjoy 6 months of Netflix on us*!

*Have a Netflix account already? Simply login to the Netflix app on your Foxtel iQ3 or iQ4 box and redeem your credit.

*Don’t have a Netflix account? No problem – simply navigate to the Netflix app on your Foxtel iQ3 or iQ4 box and select ‘Sign up with gift’.

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  • I didn’t get the email. Long time subscriber on a platinum hd plan. Not impressed

  • Didn't get the email either. Signed up to the 12month $39 Basic + Sports + HD offer.

    Tried logging into Netflix on my IQ4 box and don't seem to have seen any option for login with gift etc.

    • How did you get that package for $39? The cheapest I've seen is the current $58 one.

      • I used to call every six months and do the cancel my account dance for a $35/month deal but in April 2018 they offered me the package for $39 for 12 months and then extended it another 12 months in April 2019. It was openly available on their website but I can't find a deal posted for it.

  • They actually called, instead of emailing me to tell me about this offer. Basically if i remember right the criteria were you had to have $39 or $49 in spending per month, and 12 months of a contract. Not sure if it has been varied since.