Google Pay Not Showing Barcodes for Coles Gift Cards

Hi all,
Noticed this arvo that Google Pay is no longer generating a barcode for Coles Supermarkets gift cards since the update to version 2.101.277730300 on Android.

I have 3 gift cards that were previously added before the update and now they don't show a barcode just a white rectangle showing the number instead of a barcode. Coles Supermarkets

I had tried deleting and recreating the Gift Cards with both the 9801- or 6273- numbers but neither of them generate a barcode anymore, just a block of text.

Interestingly the 'Coles Express' gift card still creates a barcode but I haven't been able to test if it works in store, though I assume it would since a barcode is just a graphical representation of the text string.

Edit: Tried the Coles Express version in store and they worked fine. Seems like a workaround for now.

Has anyone else seen this on their Google Pay since the update?

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