Nintendo Switch Lite - Deals?

Looking at a Switch Lite for my son's bday in a couple of weeks. EB previously had a deal to trade in a 2DS XL to get the Switch Lite for $199. Contacted them today and they also want three 3DS games too for the same deal.

Anyone know of any bargains on the Switch Lite at the moment? Are we expecting to see any deals for Cyber Monday?



    Maybe not "expecting" since lite just came out but there are rumours it will go for $150. Just wait for bf/cm.


    Current deal is $80 trade in for 2/3DS XL, and $20 trade in per 3DS game, towards a Switch Lite.
    Only able to trade up to three games. So with current $299 sale price at EB you can trade to get it to $159


    Yeh no offense but you sound like a dad who doesn't know much about gaming / EB games?

    I would steer clear of any EB Games "deals." They make their biggest profit margins from pre owned games. They get yours for cheap and sell for $5 less than new. Clueless parents are the targets for these "deals." It should be illegal to do things like this but I guess not.

    Wait for bf/cm and see what happens.


    I do take offense, sir. JK :)

    Im well aware that EB buys these games for a pittance, and sells them at exorbitant rates. I certainly wouldn't normally trade in. This seemed like decent price return after investigating how I would fare with private sale

    From my end, I have a console and (old) games that aren't being used, and a strict budget for spend on the gift.
    I could try to sell the console and games, for a small margin on top of the trade in value, at great comparative hassle. The extra doesn't seem to be worth my time and I don't have the luxury of being able to wait for bf/cm.

    I really don't care what they sell them to other people for. Those same people wouldn't pay me that rate

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