Buying Concert/Festival Tickets Second Hand

I'm just wondering what everyone's experience is with buying second hand concert/festival tickets?

I've been trying to get Lauv tickets for Sydney 23rd Nov. There isn't a resale facility and Viagogo prices are just insane (~$470 per ticket vs an RRP of $70). I've commented on posts within the Facebook event page that I'm interested in buying tickets. I'm so tired of talking to people who end up giving off scammer vibes. I've spoken to 4 people and all of them wanted me to send payment as friends and family via Paypal. When I refuse, they got very defensive. I usually try to scope out their Facebook profiles but sometimes it's hard to tell immediately. What happens when you report someone for scamming on Facebook?

Are there any other platforms out there for resale of concert/festival tickets?


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    I used to buy/sell tickets years ago when everything was in hard copy. These days most tickets are sold in PDF format, so it's easy for somebody to sell the same ticket to multiple people. Should this occur, only the first person who scans their ticket will get access. Everybody else will be rejected.

    The reason why people are asking for payment via Friends & Family in PayPal so so that you (or they) don't have to pay fees on the transfer. Whether you use F&F or not will not give you any recourse if the ticket is fake. So if you find somebody who has tickets, offer to go to their place to pick them up. At least then if the ticket ends up being void, you can pay them a visit and send a couple of bricks through their front window.

    Also, if you decide to purchase from ticket reseller sites (Tickmaster Resale, ViaGogo , Stubhub etc.) you still aren't guaranteed that the ticket will get you in. You might be able to get a refund on your ticket but that's cold comfort if you miss the show.

    Reporting somebody for scamming you on Facebook will result in nothing happening. What do you want Facebook to do? Ban them from the site?

    Try contacting the venue directly in person and ask if they have any spare tickets. Feel free to offer the person a 'little extra $$' to help sweeten the deal.


      Super helpful!

      Yeah I don't really see Facebook taking much action when you report someone ..

      I've offered to meet up in person to complete the exchange but their excuse has been "I'm not in Sydney" or "why do you think I can't go in the first place?". Oh well

      I'll definitely try contact the venue to see if they've got tickets.

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    Buying resale tickets is always going to be gamble. If it's one of those print at home or mobile tickets the scammer can sell multiple tickets to multiple people. If it's a hard copy ticket, technology these days you can scan the barcode to a phone which recreates it, then Photoshop it to a realistic looking print at home ticket. Nothing is safe in the re-sale ticket market. Only advice is to buy off eBay from a seller with years of positive feedback and stay clear of those resale ticket sites (Viagogo Ticketmaster resale)

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    Also - the closer you get to the date the more legitimate sellers come out. And yes, one day before is better than now.

    Another option is to actually go to the venue on the night of the event to see if anyone in person is trying to sell tickets. Sometimes people have a spare 1-2 because mates couldn’t make it.


    In the past I've found asking the seller to meet you at the gates, and only once the ticket is scanned and you're past the gates, you pay them.


      I would laugh at you if you suggested that. Once you are past the gates with the used ticket, and they are outside with no tickets, what guarantee is there you will pay them and not just walk in?


        If I were the seller I'd be holding onto the ticket, getting it scanned, and once it's verified as a legit ticket you pay up and you go in my place.
        In most of my cases it's selling spare tickets, and I'll be going in the same time so good luck trying to do a runner.


    buying second hand

    Why would anyone want to buy used tickets?


    Check fan sites, sometimes they get access or might have a forum you can get them from


    When facebook stalking to see if they are legit, look at their likes, usually the profile can be completely private but page like still show.

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