Recommend Me a 27/30" Monitor

Hi guys,

My trusty monitor suddenly died, and was wondering what's a good monitor to buy these days.

27 or 30", 1440p or 1600p depending on size, IPS (because only plebs use anything else apparently), over 100hz (again, plebs). Would prefer G-sync over adaptive, but whatever.

Mostly used for gaming/netflix/general computing. No Photoshop or anything fancy.

Budget $500-ish? A bit flexible.

Thanks in advance!

Will add a poll later if there's a few good suggestions.


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    VX3276-2k satifies your needs except the higher refresh rate if that's not a deal breaker.


      apparently it's a 32". That's a deal breaker.


        Your loss.

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      expected this blind recommendation from you, eventhough it's never what OP required

      27"-30" size VS. your 32"
      100hz VS. your 60hz
      gsync / freesync VS. your none-sync

      yet you still recommends vx3276-2k in every monitor threads, just because you own one ?


        At least it's still IPS…


    I have the VG2755-2K but it's apparently a business monitor so there's probably better options. I like having usb C input which can also power laptop.


      Other than the higher refresh rates, this monitor seems to fit the bill.

      Which makes me wonder if anything will fit the bill within the $500 budget, so this will definitely be in the shortlist, depending on how much a higher refresh rate monitor is gonna cost…

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    You aren't getting 1440, IPS, 100Hz+ and G-sync for $500. There are only a few that do, e.g. Asus PG279Q, AOC AG271QG.

    But drop one or two of those requirements, and there will be a lot more options in that price range.


      Yeah, I just noticed… lets say budget is flexible, what's a good value monitor that would perhaps almost fit the bill?


    I would say wait for sale codes from eBay. AOC and Acer makes decent 27" IPS 166hz. Make sure you check for Backlight bleeds and pixel faults. Now they are sub 800 with random coupon sales


      Safe to buy monitors off ebay? Just worried about claiming warranty for issues…

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    27" 1440p 144hz IPS Freesync

    $449 at all PC shops .. umart , pccg, ple , CA , ..


      This seems to be a safe bet. Ticks most boxes.

      One big glaring problem: It's currently out of stock with the usual computer stores I haunt.

      Namely Pccg, Centrecom, Scorptec. All of which are local to me, which bypasses my worries about buying online.


    This one looks the goods LC27HG70QQEXXY. $377

    27", 1440, 144hz, Freesync 2. I think it has a VA panel though.

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    LG UltraGear 34GK950G-B

    34" WQHD (3440 x 1440)
    Nano IPS Display Nvidia G-Sync with 100Hz (120Hz OC)


    Anyone has any thoughts on the ASUS TUF VG27AQ?


    I am in a similar boat.. what did you end up getting?

    thinking about VX2758-2KP-MHD or a variation of…

    Seems like decent reviews


      Trying to source it, apparently not easy to get.


        No its not. It keeps getting delayed. Your best bet would be the LG 950 27inch but that is 700-750.

        Youre never going to get it unless you wait next year when they restock.

        This monitor had its stock delay so many times it wont come out this year. Nov15, nov20th, dec9th, dec19th and now 20th-24th dec.


    i thought va is better than ips? have new ips improved? the glow on my old u2711 is ridiculous in dark scenes. im waiting for microled so cant be bothered to change to va.