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[PC] Free - DRM-free download - Another lost phone: Laura's Story (93% positive on Steam, RRP: $4.50) - Indiegala


Another highly rated DRM-free freebie from Indiegala.

Steam page (for information ONLY): https://store.steampowered.com/app/689910/Another_Lost_Phone...

If you have an IG account you can add the game to your account and download it at any later time.

From the website:

Another Lost Phone is a game about exploring the social life of a young woman whose phone you have just found.

This game is designed as a narrative investigation where you must piece together elements from the different applications, messages and pictures to progress. Scrolling through the phone’s content, you will find out everything about Laura: her friendships, her professional life and the events that led to her mysterious disappearance and the loss of this phone.


  • Combine your findings from the phone’s apps, messages and photo galleries to uncover the mystery surrounding Laura’s disappearance.
  • Delve into the professional life, relationships & social habits of a young adult in the digital age. Experience a relatable story and build empathy with the characters, allowing you to explore difficult topics and social issues.
  • Act as yourself in a game that bridges the gap between reality and fiction. If you close the app but still think about the game, have you truly stopped playing?


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