PSA: Lenovo E495 BIOS Update From 1.05 to 1.10 Improves Multi-Core Perf 52%, Single Core 6%

So I was watching LTT's review of the Lenovo Flex 14 (also has 3500U), and they reported a ~100% improvement in single core performance after updating the BIOS.

Linus' Numbers
Before SC: 69
After SC: 139
After MC: 643

I ran my own numbers, also on Cinebench R15.

Before SC: 133
Before MC: 422

After SC: 142 (+6%)
After MC: 652 (+52%)

That's a pretty good boost in performance for a BIOS update. If you have an AMD Thinkpad, you should really consider updating your BIOS.

"AMD is Making Laptops Affordable" by Linus Tech Tips, 1:13& 1:58



    Good tip. Thanks.


    I guess you're trading performance for battery use?


      if performance is required for the workload , it's not a wasted overheads as it gets the job done quicker in a shorter time ?


        Yeah that's very true. That's why turbo is so important.

        If the processor can finish a task quickly, it can go back to idle low power mode faster.

        Regardless, I did my testing while plugged in, so battery life isn't a consideration here. Just giving you more performance while plugged in, essentially.


    Is there a tutorial on updating the bios because im not sure how to do it myself.


      I believe you just launch Lenovo Vantage, which can be found in the Microsoft application store. Install that and it will replace the older Lenovo Updates application.

      Then within this app, you can search for system updates. Battery needs to be inserted in your laptop and AC cable connected in order for BIOS updates to work.


      Run the r11ujw30w.exe and follow the instructions. It will automatically reboot into a screen that says "flashing BIOS". Once the flashing is done it will boot into Windows and you'll find similar results to mine when running Cinebench R15.


    so they were intentionally throttling its performance?

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      No, Ryzen mobile chips needed microcode update to fix some of the issues involved with CPU boost behaviour. Ryzen 3000 series are still quite new, even on desktop PC's AMD is still releasing patches to improve the CPU's performance.

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        So AMD shipped CPU's with crippling bugs?

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          Has any company ever in the last few decades released hardware without crippling bugs or hardware flaws? I can think of Samsung / HP / Nintendo and more.

          At least the bugs are fixable, and don't pose a security threat like Intel's does.


          Lmao. Intel released chips for a decade that have the worst security flaws of all time - Meltdown and Spectre.

          Way to target AMD unfairly!


          call it optimization update with "free performance upgrade"

          AMD never advertise this 100% performance improvement during product launch, and people are buying based on previous performance benchmark, so this comes as a bonus upgrade

          if AMD didn't release this update, will people complain this "crippling bug" that never existed ?

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